Cyberthreats are growing and companies are having trouble finding enough specialist IT staff (Photo: IBM)

A new study has found that companies and organizations are having a tough time finding the cybersecurity experts they need in a world increasingly exposed to digital dangers.

Isaca, a global IT association, found that more than 25 pc of companies surveyed needed six months or more to fill cybersecurity positions. In Europe, almost one-third of such openings remain unfilled.

Companies surveyed also said they receive far fewer applications for cybersecurity positions than for other corporate job openings. And 37 pc of companies said that fewer than 25 pc of the candidates have the requisite qualifications.

The problem is compounded by a sharp increase in demand for cybersecurity experts. "Though the field of cyber security is still relatively young, demand continues to skyrocket and will only continue to grow in the coming years,” said Christos Dimitriadis, chairman of Isaca's board and IT direcxtor at Intralot, a Greek gaming systems company.

Isaca CEO Matt Loeb said in a press statement that companies are particularly keen to hire IT experts who can hit the ground running.

“Employers are looking for candidates to make up for lost time but that doesn’t necessarily mean a significant academic investment," he said. "Many organizations place more weight in real-world experience and performance-based certifications and training that require far less time than a full degree program.”

A copy of the report is available HERE.