As more cities ban diesel cars from their centers, owners worry that their vehicles will decline further in value (Photo: Shutterstock)

Germans are focused on alternative powertrains and advanced driver assistance systems when buying a new car, but their number one priority is to get a good price for the vehicle they are trading in.

A new poll conducted by the puls market research company in December found that 48% of new car buyers consider trade-in value their top priority when buying a new car.

This most likely reflects concern that diesel-powered vehicles, which until a few years ago represented roughly half of all new-car sales, are worse much less today as emissions regulations are tightened across Europe.

After new powertrains and ADAS, German car buyers are looking at systems that can help them find parking spaces and quality of maintenance and service.

“Apparently, next to the transformation of the car, customers also expect more convenience in buying and using the car,” said puls managing director Konrad Wessner.

Low on the list of priorities for German car buyers were pay-as-you-drive insurance options and autonomous driving functionality.

Said Wessner: “Apparently autonomous driving triggers anxiety, whereas driver assistance systems come across positively with customers.”