Digital Manufacturing

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    Automotive Supplier Profit Analysis: Margin Compression And Technology Investment


    Automotive tier 1 suppliers are facing unprecedented industry transformation in electrification along with economic uncertainty. Download this report on the top 20 global suppliers for a deep analysis of their historic margins, as well as solutions for how suppliers could cope with growing pressures and changes in technology across the supply chain

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    Why automotive companies are looking to a new model to enable digital transformation

    New technology, economic uncertainty and changing consumer patterns are making it vital to for automotive companies to adapt and respond quickly to these changing conditions. To do this, they need to run flexible and responsive automotive supply chains. However, today’s legacy, monolithic IT architectures are no longer fit for purpose and are undermining the ability to adapt, innovate, and stay competitive.

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    Suppliers will charge the change: opportunities in the EV value chain


    While much focus is put on OEM plans to launch more electric vehicles, a great deal of the technology, value, production and services will come from both existing and emerging suppliers across the value chain. We expect many new opportunities for these companies over the next decade.

  • IFS

    3 questions for Stefan Issing, IFS global industry director for automotive


    Stefan Issing, global industry director for automotive at Swedish software company IFS, believes in modular solutions. He spoke to automotiveIT about cost pressures in the automotive sector and the future of ERP and RPA software.

  • Siemens

    Hanna Hennig to become new CIO at Siemens


    Hanna Hennig will become the next CIO of Siemens early in 2020. She will succeed Helmuth Ludwig, who is leaving the German engineering group of his own accord.

  • BMW

    Buresch to succeed Straub as BMW CIO


    Alexander Buresch is the new CIO at BMW, company sources told automotiveIT.

  • BMW

    CIO Klaus Straub leaves BMW


    Klaus Straub, CIO of BMW has left the company, the German premium car maker confirmed Thursday.

  • SAP

    McDermott steps down as CEO of SAP


    Bill McDermott is stepping down as CEO of SAP with immediate effect, the company said Thursday. He is succeeded by management board members Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein, who will serve as co-CEOs of the world’s largest business software group.

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    Report: Climate Change vs. Carmakers


    In our second report from Ultima Media’s automotive business intelligence team, we focus on climate change mitigation policies around the world with a particular focus on the most stringent and imminent EU CO2 emissions targets predicting the financial consequences of the legislation upon the OEMs, the impact upon the wider supply chain and the opportunities that arise from the legislation.

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    Map: Volkswagen’s growing network of IT expertise


    Volkswagen Group IT has opened or expanded global IT and software centers, with growing significance across the company’s IT research and operations. Check out a map of their key locations and functions.

  • brecht

    Brecht and Brecht: Daimler’s CIO and the chairman of the group’s works council discuss digitalization


    For the first time ever, Daimler CIO Jan Brecht and his namesake Michael Brecht, chairman of the company’s general works council and deputy supervisory board chairman, are sitting down together to speak with automotiveIT about the consequences of the digital transformation at the Stuttgart-based automaker. Whether the issue is employees’ “digital readiness,” complexity management or new platform-supported business models, Daimler is making its way through rough terrain.

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    Report: Automotive headwinds align into a perfect storm


    Ultima Media’s new business intelligence team forecasts global vehicle sales by powertrain over the next decade, with analysis of the trends reshaping the automotive industry and its technology landscape. 

  • trumpf

    An interview with Trumpf CIO Thilo Press: “We need to understand that IT is part of the business”


    Digitalization is a core part of the corporate strategy at Trumpf and IT plays a big role in the plans. Thilo Press, CIO of the German maker of machine tools since 2015, recently talked to automotiveIT about the digitalization of products and processes, the potential of artificial intelligence and the need for IT to be a fully integrated part of the company’s business. Following are edited excerpts from the interview:

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    BMW gets ready to build its iNext EV


    BMW is getting ready to build 100 prototypes of its iNext electric vehicle as the premium car maker develops and tests production processes for the important new model.

  • Schaeffler and SAP

    Schaeffler to work with SAP to improve digital efficiency


    Schaeffler plans to work with business software group SAP to further develop its IT systems and step up digital transformation to improve efficiency.

  • Magna Electronics plant Michigan

    Magna opens new plant for cameras, robotics R&D center


    Magna has opened a new electronics manufacturing plant in Michigan that will increase production of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), especially in cameras and components to support vision-based driving systems.

  • cyber

    Connected-car business models pose security risks


    Data from connected cars offer ample opportunity to develop new business models. But, to be successful, the auto industry needs to make sure the data sent from and received by tomorrow’s vehicles are safe and secure.

  • seat

    Seat CEO, in interview, discusses Spanish brand’s first EVs


    Seat has a long history of making affordable and reliable cars. Now the Spanish brand, part of the Volkswagen Group, is getting ready to build electric cars. Seat CEO Luca de Meo recently spoke to Automotive Manufacturing Solutions, a sister publication of automotiveIT International. Following are excerpts from the interview

  • car factory

    Car factories at risk as connectivity grows


    Until now, attacks on manufacturing IT systems tended to be hit or miss. Sometimes they succeeded, but mostly they did not. That won’t be the case for long. Many of these facilities are poorly equipped to fend off cyberattacks. 

  • data

    Bain study: US shortage of data engineers, architects to persist


    US companies will face persistent shortages of experienced data specialists as well as data engineers and data architects as digitalization becomes the new normal across the industry.