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  • honda tests solar charging.automotiveIT

    German researchers test new EV charging station


    The industry is working hard on new EV charging technologies. Honda is testing solar charging stations German researchers are testing a new charging station for electric vehicles that can adapt to different plug-in standards. The Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS), an independent institute that provides ...

  • opel ampera.automotiveIT

    German Ampera buyers to get a discount on clean electricity


    Opel hopes owners of the Ampera EV will use clean electricity (Photo: Opel) Opel is offering Ampera buyers the option to recharge the electric vehicle using electricity from renewable sources. The German unit of General Motors, which is getting ready to launch the Ampera later this year, said it has ...

  • toshiba logo.automotiveIT

    Toshiba to provide inverters for Ford EVs


    Toshiba Corp, which wants to grow its automotive business globally. said it will supply inverters for hybrid electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids that Ford Motor plans to start mass-producing in 2012. The Japanese electronics group, which announced a year ago that it would manufacture drive motors for Ford EVs in ...

  • proterra.automotiveIT

    GM invests in Proterra electric bus maker


    Proterra’s battery-electric bus can recharge in 10 minutes (Photo: Proterra) General Motors is investing 6 million dlrs in Proterra, a maker of zero-emission commercial transit buses. The investment comes from funds the automaker has earmarked to identify and help develop innovative new transportation technologies. GM said its GM Ventures division ...

  • better place denmark.automotiveIT

    Brussels endorses Better Place-led transport project


    Better Place already operates several battery recharging points in Denmark (Photo: Better Place) The European Commission has endorsed an E-mobility project that aims to establish a Europe-wide infrastructure for electric vehicles. The project, called "Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles" is led by EV infrastructure specialist Better Place. A ...

  • nissan leaf interior

    Renault-Nissan to open Silicon Valley research office


    The fully electric Nissan Leaf is the first of many EVs Nissan and its partner Renault plan to market (Photo: Nissan) The Renault-Nissan alliance is opening a research office in Silicon Valley to make sure it is in touch with automotive IT and other mobility-related research carried out there. The ...

  • vw ebluemotion berlin

    VW starts 2nd phase of EV tests in Berlin


    At a ceremony in Berlin, government and private-sector representatives received the keys to several electric Golfs (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has delivered a second batch of electrically propelled Golf blue-e-motion cars to test customers as it gets ready to start selling electric vehicles. The automaker now has a test fleet of ...

  • Ford C-MAX Hybrid

    Ford plans more N. American EVs; C-MAX will be hybrid-only


    From 2012, Ford will sell the C-MAX in North America, but only as a hybrid (Photo: Ford) Ford is getting serious with its plans for electric vehicles. The U.S. carmaker announced Thursday it is tripling its production capacity of electric vehicles in North America by 2013. And it will bring ...

  • electric  car.automotiveIT

    Survey: Germans want EV incentives


    Germans want a cash incentive to buy an electric vehicle Buyers want a cash incentive if they are to buy electric vehicles, according to a survey of 1,116 car drivers conducted in May. The survey, which was carried out by German used-car portal Autoscout24, showed that Germans wouldn't buy an ...

  • bosch sblimotive lithion batt

    Bosch's Bohr: Autonomous driving in 20 years


    Bosch and Samsung SDI started production of a lithium-ion battery in their SB LiMotive JV in late 2010 (Photo: Bosch) With in-car assistance systems gaining in sophistication, the day is coming that drivers are no longer in charge of their car. "Over the next 20 years, technical advances will lead ...

  • electr veh bosch charg

    New European research project aims at boosting EV efficiency


    Bosch says worries over driving range are a big concern for electric vehicle buyers (Photo: Bosch) A group of automotive companies including Robert Bosch and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen hopes to find ways to expand the driving range of electric vehicles without increasing battery size. The European Union sponsored "OpEneR" project, which stands ...

  • electric-vehicle.-source-city-of-london

    Germany opposes incentives for electric vehicles


    An EV is being charged on a public street in the city of London Germany won't be providing government incentives for electric vehicles, the country's transport minister, Peter Ramsauer, said Monday. "I am decidedly against expensive purchasing incentives," he said in a press release. "Especially in times of tight money ...

  • angela merkel.automotiveIT

    Merkel wants German leadership in electro-mobility


    Chancellor Angela Merkel said she would like to see 6 million electric vehicles in Germany by 2030 Chancellor Angela Merkel called on German industry and politics to grab the global lead in in electric mobility. In a video podcast over the weekend, Merkel said: "We want Germany to be the ...

  • gm chevy volt battery.automotiveIT

    LG Chem CEO: EV battery with triple range by 2014


    The Chevy Volt has a lithium-ion battery that uses LG Chem technology (Photo:GM) The CEO of chemicals group LG Chem expects a second generation of batteries to give electric vehicle three times the range they have at present. The batteries will be in production vehicles by 2014-2015, he predicted. In ...

  • frost-urban-mobility1.automotiveIT

    Urban Mobility 3.0 - London


    Frost & Sullivan will host a two-day workshop in June focusing on smart mobility business opportunities resulting from urbanization and the growth of mega-cities. The market researchers will hold a workshop titled "Urban Mobility 3.0" in London June 15-16. During the two-day event, speakers will look at opportunities for smart ...

  • synovate.automotiveIT

    Survey: Chinese have major reservations about EV battery technology


    Potential Chinese buyers of electric vehicles have major reservations about battery technology, according to a recent study. Synovate Motoresearch, a market researcher, interviewed 511 passenger vehicle owners in April. It found that 53 pc of them were concerned that batteries would be difficult to recharge, while 42 pc were worried ...

  • witricity.automotiveIT

    Toyota to develop wireless charging with WiTricity


    Toyota said it has entered a technical cooperation with WiTricity to develop wireless charging systems for electric-vehicle batteries. The Japanese carmaker said it wants to accelerate the development and eventual implementation of wireless charging for cars. "The charging of a plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle could be as simple and ...

  • chargers detroit.automotiveIT

    US govt offers online alternative-fueling station locator


    A route planner shows as pink triangles the battery charging points available between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Michigan The US Energy Department is building an online database of alternative fueling stations. The move by the Advanced Fuels and Alternative Vehicles Data Center (AFDC) aims to help drivers of new vehicles ...

  • nissan leaf usa.automotiveIT

    Nissan to reprogram Leafs to fix problem, Nikkei reports


    Nissan’s US Leaf suffered a software glitch Nissan will reprogram the software in its US Leaf to fix a problem that occurs in some of the electric vehicles, Japan's Nikkei news service reported. The Japanese automaker said it will start contacting customers shortly. According to the news report, all 8,000 ...

  • bosch electric motor.automotiveIT

    Daimler, Bosch plan to build electric motors for Europe


    Bosch already builds electric motors at its plant in Hildesheim, Germany Premium car maker Daimler and Robert Bosch, confirming earlier press reports, said they intend to jointly develop and build electric motors for electric vehicles in Europe. The companies said in a press release that they have signed a letter ...