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  • cebit digital drive.automotiveIT

    CeBIT 2012 - Hanover


    This year's CeBIT high-tech fair will pay special attention to the growing importance of IT to the auto industry. The annual event, the world's biggest IT fair, will include a special automotive focus under the "Digital Drive" banner. Various automakers, suppliers and service providers will provide solutions that are increasingly ...

  • IT CapGemini.automotiveIT

    Business-IT alignment top priority for German IT managers - study


    Business-IT alignment is the top priority for German CIOs when it comes to securing the future of their companies, according to a survey conducted by CapGemini. The consultants, who interviewed IT managers at 156 major German corporations, also found that high on IT managers' agendas was the integration of standard, ...

  • esg in car

    In embedded systems, standardization seen as key


    Embedded systems in the car will grow, according to a German survey (Photo: ESG) FUERSTENFELDBRUCK, Germany -- Automakers and suppliers see standardization as key to the growth of embedded systems, according to a survey of decision makers in the auto and aerospace industry. They also believe hardware and software can ...

  • ecall adac.automotiveIT

    TELEMATICS UPDATE: No role for smartphones in Europe's eCall


    eCall emergency calls need to reach call centers without delay (Photo: EU, ADAC) MUNICH --Smartphone integration may be one of the hottest issues in automotive infotainment, but the ubiquitous end-user device will not play a role in Europe's eCall initiative. The EU Commission wants the Europe-wide emergency calling system to ...

  • peugeot mu.automotiveIT

    Peugeot, Deutsche Bahn look into car-sharing


    Peugeot and Germany's national railway system, Deutsche Bahn, have signed a letter of intent to jointly develop a car-sharing program in the country. Peugeot is keen to expand its "Mu by Peugeot" car-sharing initiative and the two companies will assess the feasibility of providing cars at around 100 German rail ...

  • vda conf 11

    VDA quality management - Berlin


    Germany's auto industry association, the VDA, is organizing a new event focusedon automotive electronics in Berlin, July 5-6. The two-day conference, titled the International Conference on Quality Management for Automotive Electronics, will focus on quality management of modern car electronics. Presentations and discussions will deal with new regulations on functional ...

  • bmw intvw ebner

    BMW Financial Services interview: IT as a success factor


    Ebner von Eschenbach: IT helped BMW Japan cope with the aftermath of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami BMW Financial Services depends for all its IT needs on the group's internal service division. IT at BMW is run by Karl-Erich Probst, CIO, while financial services at the German premium carmaker is ...

  • ibm cloud.automotiveIT

    Managed security is a growth area in Cloud-based services


    The Cloud can work especially well in the provision of security services (Photo: IBM) Experts say managed security is a major growth area for Cloud-based services. "We estimate that through 2015 half of all e-mail security products will be used in SaaS form," said Ruggero Contu, principal research analyst at ...

  • daimler vito e-cell.automotiveIT

    Europarliament approves CO2 limits for vans


    With battery-powered vans such as this Mercedes Vito E-Cell, automakers will try to lower average fleet CO2 emissions The European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 limits for vans and other light commercial vehicles, in a move aimed at bringing the sector in line with Europe-wide legislation covering the passenger-car industry ...

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    Study: In-house consultants on the rise


    In-house consultants are increasingly preferred over outside service providers, according to a study by Luenendonk, a German IT consultancy and market researcher. Luenendonk polled 19 German consultancy companies and four buyers of consultancy services in a study called “The status quo and positioning of in-house consulting units 2010.” “Companies’ internal ...

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    A Cloud benchmark for German service providers


    With the number of Cloud service providers growing rapidly, the Experton Group will shortly release a study that sheds some light on the differences between the various market players. In April the German consultants and market researchers will release “Cloud Vendor Benchmark 2011,” a study that compares Cloud service providers ...

  • Article

    Media report: Indian IT wants more car-industry business


    India’s IT industry has set its sights on the global automotive market, according to a report in the country’s Business Standard newspaper. The report cites IMF predictions of 2.9 billion cars worldwide by 2050, with India’s expected total up fivefold to 400 million. The IT industry is keen to benefit ...

  • REHAU bumper id

    German supplier Rehau tests RFID gate


    Rehau uses an RFID scanner to identify bumpers German supplier Rehau is testing a prototype of an RFID gate as part of a government-supported project called the RFID-based Automotive Network (RAN). The project aims to improve warehousing and logistics operations in the auto industry through the use of RFIDs. Tagged ...

  • automation photo

    Case study: Autoliv Germany automates invoicing system


    IT experts at Swedish automotive supplier Autoliv are converting 40 European plants to a new, common ERP infrastructure. Top priority for the new system is to make sure that there is an uninterrupted flow of materials to all machinery, says Soenke Gebhardt, IT expert at Autoliv’s German factory in Elmshorn ...

  • atu.jpg

    Germany’s A.T.U. to adopt Microsoft Dynamics AX in all operations


    A.T.U. repair shops will also use the same Microsoft IT A.T.U. plans to roll out Microsoft Dynamics AX across all of its 600 repair shops, in a move designed to improve efficiency and lower costs. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is a business management solution that works like familiar Microsoft software ...

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    ABI Research: Automotive telematics to soar by 2016


    Automotive telematics is likely to make a quantum leap in the next five years, according to ABI Research. But the North American market researcher also warns that considerable risks to the forecast remain. ABI Research expects the percentage of new cars shipping with factory-installed telematics to grow to 62 percent ...

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    Small congested cities to get help from IBM, Telvent


    IBM and Telvent are developing a set of traffic solutions that is customized for small cities. The two US-based IT service providers said the well-known congestion problems faced by bigger metropolitan areas tend to overshadow the traffic issues of smaller cities. In urban areas with populations of less than 500,000 ...

  • Article

    Kearney Study: Intelligent cars create 40,000 new jobs in Germany


    A new study by consultants A.T. Kearney predicts that the use of intelligent IT components in cars will create 40,000 new jobs in Germany through 2025. A sizeable part of the growth will come from electric vehicles, but other new automotive features will also create new jobs at automakers, suppliers ...

  • Congestion.automotiveIT

    Study: Intelligent logistics, modern IT will help fight congestion


    Wth the help of modern IT systems, industry hopes to keep trucks moving as congestion worsens on Europe’s roads A major study by the Economist Intelligence Unit foresees a huge increase in global traffic congestion. But industry leaders believe that intelligent logistics and the use of modern IT will help ...


    India leads in German outsourcing


    India is the preferred destination for German countries that want to outsource services. According to a survey by Germany’s Steria Mummert Consulting, 26 percent of the companies polled said India was the preferred outsourcing destination. Outsourcing is on the rise in Germany, with 62 percent of all companies infavor of ...