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  • lexus ces 2013.automotiveIT

    CES - Las Vegas


    Lexus showed a connected research vehicle at the 2013 CES (Photo: Arjen Bongard) The 2014 Las Vegas CES will, as usual, be the first major consumer electronics event of the new year, starting with a press day January 6 and running through January 10, 2014. The annual gathering, the ...

  • wissmann-merkel iaa 2013.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: VDA chief sees central role for connectivity


    FRANKFURT - Germany's chief automotive industry lobbyist said on Wednesday that information technology has become "an essential precondition for a decision to buy" a particular car model. In an address to the Mobility 3.0 conference here, Wissmann, who heads Germany's automobile industry association (VDA), cited two central themes for this ...

  • bitkom

    Germany's IT sector expects further growth in 2013


    Bitkom says German IT companies continue to have trouble filling vacancies (Photo: Bitkom) Three-quarter of Germany's IT and telecommunications companies expect higher sales in the first half of 2013, while 14 pc expect stable revenues, according to a survey by Germany's high-tech association, Bitkom. About 11 pc see business ...

  • Audi City.automotiveIT

    For car retailers, a call to action


    Audi opened its first virtual showroom in London last year (Photo: Audi) More people will buy their cars online in coming years, providing a business opportunity for IT service providers, according to a new study. The study also says that many traditional dealerships will have to either change or ...

  • oracle.automotiveIT

    Oracle to buy Acme Packet


    As mobile applications grow, Oracle wants to expand into telecommunications markets (Photo: GM) Oracle has agreed to buy Acme Packet in a move that will boost its expertise in secure data communications. The US-based IT group said it will pay 1.7 billion dlrs for Acme Packet, a company that ...

  • cloud telekom.automotiveIT

    T-Systems projects 1 billion euros cloud revenue by 2015


    Like most IT service providers, T-Systems is selling more cloud services (Photo: Telekom) T-Systems expects to generate about 1 billion euros in annual revenue from cloud-based services by 2015, up 2.5 times from last year. The expected sales represent about one-seventh of total revenue at the business services division ...

  • BearingPoint.automotiveIT

    With cloud services, trust is more important than money - study


    Pechardscheck: European business leaders are especially reluctant to move to the cloud (Photo: BearingPoint) Trust and data security are more important than saving money when it comes to cloud computing, a study by BearingPoint concludes. The consultants looked at why adoption of cloud-based services continues to be dogged by ...

  • isf cyber security.automotiveIT

    2013 cyber threats: Supply chain prone to data security risks


    (Photo: ISF) With more internal information held by outside service providers, companies face the risk of increased threats to data security, according to an independent cyber security body. "More organizations will fall victim to information security incidents at their suppliers," the Information Security Forum (ISF) predicted. "Today's organization's data ...

  • cybercrime.automotiveIT

    European companies, governments test cyber security


    Digital security experts across Europe are testing their readiness to combat cyber attacks Friday, as the European Union launches Cyber Europe 2012. The exercise includes 400 experts from major financial institutions, telecommunications companies, internet service providers and local and national governments. They will test responses to more than 1,200 separate ...

  • cloud telekom.automotiveIT

    AutoScout24 uses new T-Systems/VMware cloud offering


    Like most IT service providers, T-Systems wants to offer more Cloud services (Photo: Telekom) AutoScout24 is the first customer to use a new cloud-based product offering from Germany's T-Systems and US-based VMWare. The two companies announced in June that they would jointly offer customers a flexible data-center service that would ...

  • connected car.automotiveIT

    Car IT changing the automotive retail model - study


    Connected cars will provide information to new automotive competitors as well The increasing sophistication of automotive IT systems is changing traditional patterns in car retailing, according to a German study. Driver assistance and communication systems that are set to become standard in all cars already are transmitting a broad range ...

  • Kroes.Marchionne..automotiveIT

    EU's Kroes: Europe needs a Cloud strategy


    Kroes, seen here meeting with Fiat Chief Sergio Marchionne, wants Cloud computing to help improve competitiveness (Photo: EU Commission) European Union Commissioner Neelie Kroes this week made an impassioned plea for a European Cloud strategy, saying a coordinated approach to the new technology could generate major savings for businesses and ...

  • cloud telekom.automotiveIT

    T-Systems to offer new VMware Cloud solution


    Like most IT service providers, T-Systems wants to offer more Cloud services (Photo: Telekom) Germany's T-Systems and VMware are joining forces to provide customers with an easier and faster way to access Cloud-based services. T-Systems, the business services division of German telecommunications group Deutsche Telekom, will offer a new VMware ...

  • microsoft.booz.automotiveIT

    Booz study: IT services, system integration losing in importance


    Microsoft is the highest ranked company in a Booz analysis of the best-performing global IT providers (Photo: Microsoft) Software providers and internet companies are the best performers in the global information and communication technology sector, according to a new study. An analysis of the world's 50 biggest ICT companies by ...

  • airbiquity.automotiveIT

    Airbiquity exec: Car connectivity to see 2014 boost


    Leo McCloskey (Photo: Airbiquity) New technologies are likely to give a strong boost to car connectivity in the next two years, a senior industry executive predicts. Leo McCloskey, who heads sales and marketing for Airbiquity, cited in particular the major improvements in voice-recognition software, which will benefit in-car systems. And ...

  • telematics update 2012.automotiveIT

    Telematics Update: Analyst says traffic is key telematics application


    MUNICH -- Traffic information is the most important telematics application in the car, a senior market researcher said Wednesday. "What's the value proposition of telematics? Clearly traffic is top of the list," said Roger Lanctot, associate director, global automotive practice, at market researchers Strategy Analytics. Lanctot, speaking at a Telematics ...

  • plm.automotiveIT

    PLM suppliers in Germany see strong growth continuing


    The PLM industry is benefiting from strong demand through the IT sector (Photo: wikipedia) PLM software suppliers in Germany see strong growth continuing despite expectations of an economic slowdown this year. At a meeting in February of the sendler\circle, an association of PLM service providers in Germany, company representatives said ...

  • local motors rogers.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY 2012: IT becoming a competitive differentiator


    Local Motors co-founder Rogers explained a new crowd-sourcing based approach to carmaking (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- One thing was clear at the 2012 automotiveDAY conference: IT is quickly becoming one of the major differentiators in the competition between the world's car brands. Until recently, IT was mostly seen ...

  • t-systems mauch.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY: T-Systems exec says Cloud has grown up


    Luz Mauch is responsible for the automotive sector at T-Systems (Photo: automotiveIT) A senior T-Systems executive said Thursday that Cloud computing is quickly becoming a mainstream part of corporate IT strategies. "Cloud computing has by now grown up," said Luz Mauch, senior vice president automotive at T-Systems. The Cloud is ...

  • bmw automotiveday.automotiveIT

    automotiveDAY: BMW execs say selectivity is key in infotainment


    BMW’s Hildegard Wortmann (left) and Karl Probst describe the opportunities and challenges of connected cars (Photo: automotiveIT) HANOVER ”“ BMW executives see huge possibilities to add a wealth of new in-car infotainment functions, but they agreed that selectivity is key. “The possibilities are endless but we need to focus on ...