Škoda has announced a series of partnerships with start-up firms in Israel, currently developing rapidly as a global tech hotspot; the company last year opened its Škoda Auto DigiLab Israel in Tel Aviv, a collaborative incubator center.


Image: Skoda

Anagog, in which Škoda took a stake earlier this year, processes data from over 100 smartphone apps and uses AI to predict mobility patterns. Škoda Auto DigiLab is considering the application of this technology in bespoke services such as recommendations for parking spaces, as well as for personalized insurance and enhancing dealership experience. Three of Anagog’s AI software solutions are shortly to be implemented at Škoda, the company says.

Fellow Volkswagen Group brand, Porsche, has also invested in Anagog

UVeye, meanwhile, has a 360-degree camera scanning technology which produces a high-resolution 3D image in seconds: this can scan a car’s body, undercarriage and tyres for damage and anomalies, and could be deployed at dealers, rental agencies, leasing companies or similar. It is soon to be used in the Czech Republic, and Škoda is further considering its application on production lines for pre-delivery inspections.

Škoda is also testing an EV charging solution developed by Chakratec: this involves kinetic energy storage with unlimited, high-power charge and discharge cycles. It is said to boost and stabilize the grid and support the deployment of fast-charging equipment, without the need for infrastructure upgrades.

In advance of the unveiling of the new Škoda Scala in Tel Aviv this week, Škoda’s chief digital officer Andre Wehner said: “With our increased engagement in Israel, we are getting a good starting point for access to future technologies. We find there technologies with a high degree of maturity, which we test through strategic partnerships.”