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  • bosch.automotiveIT

    Bosch plans to acquire software development company


    Bosch hopes the acquisition of ITK will strengthen its development business (Photo: ITK)Robert Bosch plans to acquire a software development company - ITK Engineering - that specializes in model-based system and software development.The German automotive supplier, which is focusing increasingly on internet-of-things technologies, said the acquisition will strengthen its ...

  • audi.automotiveIT

    Audi's Mexico plant: virtually designed and fully connected


    Audi officially inaugurated its Mexico plant Sept. 30 (Photo: Audi)Audi said the control center at its newly opened plant in Mexico, known as P-Control, lets the premium car brand make further improvements to its manufacturing processes."The centralized P-control station is the most advanced in the Audi production network," Audi ...

  • apple.automotiveIT

    Point of view: Apple and the car


    Apple's automotive aspirations could soon move beyond the CarPlay interface (Photo: Apple)By Arjen BongardIs Apple going to become the first IT company to buy into the auto industry?According to the Financial Times last week, Apple has approached McLaren to either buy the British race car maker outright or make ...

  • SAP.automotiveIT

    Bosch, SAP to join forces for IoT


    Bosch and SAP want to speed up manufacturing and logistics processes (Photo: SAP)Bosch and SAP plan to jointly develop cloud-based technologies to speed up manufacturing and logistics processes.The two German companies said they have formed a strategic partnership to develop new products for the internet-of-things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.Bosch, ...

  • daimler.automotiveIT

    T-Systems extends contract to run Daimler's connected-car platform


    T-Systems will continue to be Daimler's biggest IT partner (Photo: Deutsche Telekom)T-Systems will continue to manage Daimler's mainframe computers as well as the carmaker's connected-vehicle applications, the German IT service provider said.Under a new agreement, T-Systems, the business services arm of Germany's Deutsche Telekom, will continue to run Daimler's ...

  • kaspersky.automotiveIT

    Kaspersky: recovery from security incidents is very costly


    Speed is essential to minimize the effects of cyber crime, Kaspersky Lab says  (Photo: Kaspersky)A new Kaspersky Lab report warns that recovering from a successful cyber attack can be extremely costly.The average cost of recovery from a single security incident is 86,500 dlrs for small and mid-sized companies, ...

  • daimler.automotiveIT

    “My aspiration is to actively help shape new business models”


    Brecht wants IT to play a big role in Daimler's digital transformation (Photo: Claus Dick)Jan Brecht wants to move away from managing and administration to a focus on software and system architectures. The new Daimler CIO, who joined the premium car group from sporting-goods maker Adidas in November 2015, ...

  • microsoft.automotiveIT

    Poll: Bosses at mid-size companies most often flaunt security rules


    Poll shows, many executives lose documents and use non-secure e-mail servers (Photo: Microsoft)Top executives at medium-size companies often sidestep corporate data security rules, according to a new study.CEOs and other senior executives could well be the weakest link in corporate efforts to protect highly sensitive and confidential company information, ...

  • ford.automotiveIT

    Ford sets 2021 as target date for autonomous vehicles


    Ford plans to mass-produce autonomous vehicles, Fields says (Photo: Ford)Ford Motor, setting an ambitious new-mobility target, wants to have autonomous vehicles on the road in a ride-sharing or ride-hailing service by 2021.The US carmaker said last week that it is investing in or collaborating with four startups to speed ...

  • volvo.automotiveIT

    Volvo, Uber cooperate on autonomous cars


    Volvo is conducting real-life tests with its IntelliSafe Autopilot technology (Photo: Volvo)Volvo Cars and ride-hailing group Uber plan to jointly develop autonomous-cars technologies.The Swedish premium car maker said the two companies will use a Volvo-built “base vehicle” to which Uber will add its own autonomous driving technology. Volvo will ...

  • zf.automotiveIT

    ZF plans tech center in India


    ZF runs a global network of R&D centers from its headquarters in Friedrichshafen (Photo: ZF)ZF plans to open an Indian technology center next year that will focus on software and mechanical engineering.The center, which will be located in Hyderabad, will employ 2,500 engineers by 2020. It will open with ...

  • cisco.automotiveIT

    Cisco report: Business unprepared for ransomware threat


    Cisco sees a growing danger in ransomware attacks (Photo: Cisco)Companies are badly prepared for future strains of ransomware, according to the latest Cisco Cybersecurity Report.The study, which the US-based technology group conducts twicea year, found that companies are too often operating with a fragile IT infrastructure, don’t stick to ...

  • London.automotiveIT

    Brexit: The fallout for IT and automotive companies


    (Photo: en:User talk: Mewiki -own work)The departure of Britain from the European Union will have an obvious impact on the auto industry, in particular in the area of manufacturing and cross-border sales.Carmakers including General Motors, Ford Motor, Nissan, Toyota, Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and Honda build large numbers of ...

  • Skoda.automotiveIT

    Skoda identifies digitization as "key action point"


    The Skoda Kodiaq large SUV will have its premiere in September (Photo: Skoda)Skoda set up a new business unit charged with developing new technologies and said digitization is a "key action point" coming out of the Volkswagen Group's new strategic plan.The Czech volume brand, one of the more profitable ...

  • thyssenkrupp.automotiveIT

    Hoelz set to take over as Thyssenkrupp CIO July 1


    Hoelz previously worked at Deloitte, Daimler and the VW Group (Photo: Thyssenkrupp)Martin Hoelz will take over from Klaus Hardy Muehleck as CIO of Thyssenkrupp July 1. The 47-year-old will also head the company's Group Processes & Information Technology (GPI) unit.Hoelz has been with Thyssenkrupp since 2014. Most recently, he ...

  • lamborghini.automotiveIT

    Lamborghini opens carbon fiber research unit in Seattle


    Lamborghini showed a car with carbon-fiber bodywork at the Geneva auto show (Photo: Lamborghini)Lamborghini has opened a new research facility in Seattle that aims to find more applications for car fiber in the construction of its cars.The high-performance sports car brand, which is part of Germany's Volkswagen Group, said ...

  • reply.automotiveIT

    Reply to start European data-scientist training program


    Industry 4.0 featured prominently at the Munich Reply Xchange (Photo: Arjen Bongard)MUNICH -- Reply SpA has signed an agreement with The Data Incubator to bring more data-analysis expertise to European companies.Reply, which operates a network of companies focused on developing new, connected technologies and business models, said it will ...

  • vw.automotiveIT

    VW sets new course with "Strategy 2025"


    The  Volkswagen Group Thursday unveiled a comprehensive plan that embraces electric vehicles, new mobility and big investments in future technologies."The Volkswagen Group will be more focused, efficient, innovative, customer-driven and sustainable," CEO Matthias Mueller said in a statement. He also said the carmaker will be "systematically geared to generating ...

  • t-systems.automotiveIT

    T-Systems promotes "zero outage" strategy


    T-Systems says zero-outage should become an industry standard (Photo: Telekom)T-Systems wants to turn its "zero-outage" goal into an industry standard, citing the need to make sure IT can be relied upon to help in the digital transformation."All industries are getting ready for a digital future, but providing quality assurance ...

  • gm.automotiveIT

    GM appoints new global quality chief


    Tony Francavilla (Photo: GM)General Motors named Tony Francavilla vice president, global quality, effective immediately.Francavilla, 58, succeeds Grace Lieblein, who retired at the end of last year. He reports directly to CEO Mary Barra.In his new role, Francavilla is tasked with assuring that GM vehicles meet the company's high quality ...