Image: Magna

Magna, a leading supplier of automotive seating, has announced details of a reconfigurable interior solution which can be custom-adapted for different car-sharing and autonomous-driving scenarios. Its new seating concept creates a flexible cabin for three key use-cases.

The concept was developed out of digital and market research with consumers in China, Europe and the US, including observations of daily life. In car-sharing configuration with cargo mode, the swivelling seats can slide up under the IP for greater space, and a choice of stowage modes can be pre-configured using a mobile app. For ‘long road trip’ mode, the seats swivel so that occupants can interact, but personal audio zones can be activated and there is four-way headrest support for sleeping, plus haptic massaging and vibrations; and in autonomous ride-sharing mode with conference-style seats (featuring easy-clean trim covers), seat occupancy detection allows rideshare users to see which seat is available.

Mike Bisson, president, Magna Seating, said in a statement that its innovation “is driven by the belief that while the vehicle occupant experience will be very different with the introduction of mobility and autonomy, the functional basics will remain the same: convenience, flexibility and comfort. This approach has helped us create seats that adjust to the consumer, instead of having the consumer adjust to seats.”