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    Toyota in partnership to handle connected-car data


    Automotive data traffic is expected to grow 10,000 times in the next 8 years (Photo: Denso) Toyota Motor has formed a partnership with Denso, Ericsson, Intel and NTT to better handle the huge data volumes that are expected to move in and out of tomorrow's cars. The carmaker also ...

  • toyota.automotiveIT

    Toyota joins forces with NTT for connected-car development


    Toyota and NTT say one of their goals is to standardize connected-car technology (Photo: Toyota) Toyota and Japan's NTT Group are cooperating to develop connected-car technologies, combining research in accident prevention, new mobility services and other areas. The two companies said in a press release that their goal is ...


    NTT Data's Dell Services acquisition aims to grow US business


    Dell Services has a strong position in the market for infrastructure services (Photo: Dell) NTT Data has agreed to acquire Dell Services for a reported 3.1 billion dollars, in a move that will strengthen the Japanese IT service provider’s position in North America and boost its ability to deliver ...

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    Acquisition makes NTT 3rd largest European data center provider


    NTT operates 130 data centers worldwide, including this one in Thailand(Photo: NTT) NTT Communications is buying 86.7 pc of Germany's e-shelter, propelling the Japanese company into third place among data center service providers in Europe. NTT Communications, a division of the NTT telecommunications group, said the acquisition of e-shelter ...

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    NTT to deliver cloud platform to Yamaha


    Yamaha Motor makes motorcycles and other power products (Photo: Yamaha) NTT Communications Corporation will deliver a cloud computing platform to Yamaha Motor, as the Japanese motorcycle and power products group moves to streamline global IT operations. In a press release, NTT said the platform will let Yamaha operate mission-critical ...