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    Volkswagen R&D chief: "We are reworking our entire development process"


    Ulrich Eichhorn heads up Volkswagen Group’s R D operations, and discusses impacts for vehicle development from artificial intelligence and electrification, and explanins how digital tools and data are changing engineering processes.

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    Kaellenius to succeed Weber as head of Daimler R&D


    Kaellenius will take over as head of Daimler R&D at year-end 2016 (Photo: Daimler) Mercedes-Benz sales boss Ola Kaellenius will succeed Thomas Weber as head of R&D at the Daimler Group, the German premium car company said Tuesday. Weber, 61, will leave Daimler when his contract expires December 31. ...

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    Siemens, HP provide vehicle design infrastructure to Nissan


    Nissan wants to speed up global growth (Photo: Nissan) Siemens and Hewlett Packard have built a new vehicle design infrastructure that provides Nissan's global R&D centers with improved access to the latest vehicle development data. The two technology companies said the infrastructure, which uses a virtual desktop for engineering, ...

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    VW's Winterkorn welcomes Apple's, Google's interest in car industry


    Winterkorn, seen here testing a new manufacturing tool, is an engineer by training (Photo: VW) Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn said plans by consumer electronics companies to get more actively involved in the car industry may have a positive effect on car sales to a younger generation of consumers. ...

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    Faurecia, Dortmund University start metals research


    Faurecia is a large maker of automotive seating systems (Photo: Faurecia) Faurecia, one of the world's largest automotive suppliers, and the Technical University of Dortmund have opened a joint research center for metals processing. ReCIMP (Research Center for Industrial Metal Processing) will develop new manufacturing technologies as well as ...

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    Newsletter: Daimler and others flock to India for r&d


    Daimler's r&d center in Bangalore is the biggest of its kind outside Germany (Photo: Daimler) BANGALORE ”“ Companies in mature markets are increasingly transferring r&d abroad and premium car maker Daimler is no exception. The company recently inaugurated a new r&d center here, underscoring the importance it attaches to ...

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    Focus on IT at Daimler's new Bangalore r&d facility


    Daimler's r&d facility in Bangalore employs 1,200 people (Photo: Daimler) Daimler officially opened a new r&d center in Bangalore, strengthening its activities in the growing Indian market. The German premium car maker said the facility, which employs 1,200 people, is the biggest of its kind in India. Bangalore also ...

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    Renault, Nissan open new advanced research center in Silicon Valley


    The new r&d center will focus on autonomous driving and connected vehicles(Photo: Nissan) Renault and Nissan opened a new advanced research center that will specialize in autonomous driving and connected cars. The center, which is located in California's Silicon Valley, will focus on three initial projects: the development of ...

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    In this month's Executive Newsletter: Ford's Paul Mascarenas


    Paul Mascarenas (Photo: Larry A. Peplin) As chief technology officer, Paul Mascarenas is a key player in Ford Motor's long-term strategic ambitions. Mascarenas, a 30- year veteran of the US based global automotive giant, helps define, research and implement the broad array of new technologies that Ford wants and ...

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    Making engine control software development more efficient


    VW is looking for tangible benefits from its cooperation with Clausthal University (Photo: VW) Software development for engine control units is both complex and expensive. That's why Volkswagen and Clausthal University of Technology are looking for ways to make this work more efficient. Europe's largest auto company and the smallest ...


    Piezoceramics tested to dampen in-car noise


    Piezo bearings are tested on a VW Passat German researchers are testing the use of piezoceramics to dampen noise inside vehicles and say the technology is ready for use. Researchers from the Fraunhofer Adaptronics Alliance, a joint initiative of 11 Fraunhofer research institutes in Germany, will demonstrate some of the ...

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    International Simulation Technology Conference, Stuttgart


    The University of Stuttgart will host SimTech 2011, an international conference on simulation technology, June 14 through 17. The focus will be on molecular simulations, multi-scale and multi-physics mechanics, numerical mathematics, interactive visualization and related issues. More than 150 scientists from Stuttgart will present their latest research. SimTech adopts a ...

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    400 New automotive ideas


    The connected car: 1. Human machine interface and application 2. Multi-standard radio gateway 3. Radio transmission technology 4. Vehicle sensors and vehicle buses 5. Car-to-car (C2C) communication 6. Car-to-infrastructure (C2I) communication 7. C2I satellite communication and navigation 8. C2I short-distance radio and 9. C2I Mobile phone A competition to identify ...

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    EU’s Kroes: Connected cars, E-vehicles top European priorities


    European Commissioner Neelie Kroes said Tuesday that connected cars, electric vehicles and the future of manufacturing are top priorities for Europe. The commissioner, who is in charge of Europe’s digital agenda, also said the region needs dedicated automotive r d programs to meet the challenges of sustainable mobility. Kroes said ...

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    Booz study: Auto r&d took big hit in '09


    R d spending in the global auto industry took a big hit in 2009, according to a study by consultants Booz Company. According to the report, which looked at the world's 1,000 biggest r d spenders, global automotive r d outlays dropped more than 12 billion dollars to ...

  • Klaus Draeger has headed BMW r&d since 2006

    Interview: BMW’s Draeger: High hopes for car-to-car communication


    Klaus Draeger has been in charge of r&d at BMW since 2006 Klaus Draeger began his career as a scientific staff member at the university before earning his PhD. In 1985, he joined BMW as a trainee in the manufacturing area. He passed through various posts at the German premium ...