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  • Cloud.automotiveIT

    Worries grow over security of cloud data transfers


    Surveys show that many IT managers are unhappy about breakdowns in data transfers to and from the cloud Enthusiasm was high at the outset, but now a survey shows that companies are beginning to have second thoughts about relying on cloud-based architectures. Many experts, for example, are increasingly questioning ...

  • netskope.automotiveIT

    Survey: Cloud security moves up the priority list


    Policy violations often lead to security breaches (Photo: Netskope) Security concerns are growing over cloud-based applications used by industrial companies and other businesses, according to a new Netskope survey. The cloud security specialist said that, following recent security breaches at major corporations such as Sony and JP Morgan, a ...

  • markey.automotiveIT

    Report shows connected car data, privacy vulnerabilities


    US Senator Markey is critical of connected-car data security and privacy (Picture: Continental) A US report published this week shows how connected cars may be vulnerable to hackers.The paper, based on answers to questions by 16 major car manufacturers, highlights growing concerns that networking cars with the world around ...

  • ibm big data.automotiveIT

    At IBM, a new focus on big-data security


    Cyber threats pose an inherent threat as big data usage increases (Photo: IBM) IBM has developed a new method to deal with security threats embedded in big data. As companies' use of big data increases, they are increasingly at risk from security threats hidden in the vast amount of ...

  • ipad.automotiveIT

    German IT departments struggle with iPad use


    iPad sales are expected to grow by 650% in the next two years (Photo:Apple) German corporate IT departments are struggling with increasing demands that they allow iPads and iPhones for company business. A study conducted by analysts at Experton on behalf of IT services company Computacenter, found that the use ...

  • bsi lange.automotiveIT

    More cyber attacks in Germany, govt agency warns


    BSI President Lange told reporters while presenting his 2011 report that cyber security problems are growing in Germany (Photo: BSI) A government agency that monitors dangers to IT users painted a dismal picture of IT security in Germany, saying cyber attacks are on the rise and many of them are ...

  • vdi electro security

    VDI/VW electronic safety conference - Berlin


    Germany's industry federation, the VDI, and carmaker Volkswagen are jointly organizing a conference to look at the safety of electronic vehicle systems.The "Automotive Security" conference will take place in Berlin Oct 11 and 12. Presenters will not only focus on functional security of electronic systems, but will also look at ...

  • cloud.automotiveIT

    German researchers break into private Clouds


    German researchers have managed to hack into so-called "private Clouds," raising questions about the long-term security of Cloud computing. Researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum in western Germany managed to hack into private Clouds, using a weakness in the Eucalyptus software platform, which is widely used in Cloud services. ...

  • ibm cloud.automotiveIT

    Managed security is a growth area in Cloud-based services


    The Cloud can work especially well in the provision of security services (Photo: IBM) Experts say managed security is a major growth area for Cloud-based services. "We estimate that through 2015 half of all e-mail security products will be used in SaaS form," said Ruggero Contu, principal research analyst at ...