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  • vdi electro security

    VDI/VW electronic safety conference - Berlin


    Germany's industry federation, the VDI, and carmaker Volkswagen are jointly organizing a conference to look at the safety of electronic vehicle systems.The "Automotive Security" conference will take place in Berlin Oct 11 and 12. Presenters will not only focus on functional security of electronic systems, but will also look at ...

  • vw ebluemotion berlin

    VW starts 2nd phase of EV tests in Berlin


    At a ceremony in Berlin, government and private-sector representatives received the keys to several electric Golfs (Photo: VW) Volkswagen has delivered a second batch of electrically propelled Golf blue-e-motion cars to test customers as it gets ready to start selling electric vehicles. The automaker now has a test fleet of ...

  • siemens plm.automotiveIT

    Upheaval in automotive PLM as car companies change partners


    Automakers are reviewing - and changing - their PLM software (Illustration: Siemens) Upheaval in the PLM market: Daimler and Chrysler are separating from former partner Dassault Systemes and are doing development work with Siemens PLM software. On the other hand, BMW has settled on Dassault in the E/E domain. In ...

  • porsche lorenz.automotiveIT

    Porsche CIO Sven Lorenz has growing product portfolio


    Lorenz isobserving "with great interest" Daimler’s CAD move from Dassault to Siemens Sven Lorenz, Porsche’s CIO is a busy man. Not only does he have to manage integration with new majority owner Volkswagen, he also has to deal with the increasing role of social media, continued tight budgets andthe need ...

  • Article

    US Volkswagens to have Fender music system


    Volkswagen of America will equip selected 2012 models with a new Fender Premium Audio System, in a move designed to feed consumers’ growing appetite for quality in-car infotainment. The German carmaker said the new American version of the Jetta GLI will be the first VW model to feature the new ...

  • Article

    VW Logistics automates contract management


    Volkswagen Logistics has adopted a new contract management system, cuContract, made by Circle Unlimited. Before adopting the system, the German carmaker’s logistics arm used a decentralized database. Contracts would first have to be scanned before being entered into this database. VW Logistics decided on cuContract because the system can easily ...

  • VW's augmented reality

    VW uses virtual technology for service training


    For training purposes, digital projection can provide a virtual x-ray of a vehicle Volkswagen plans to use more virtual-reality technology to train its service technicians. The German automaker hopes its use of “augmented-reality” technology will better train technicians and help their understanding of the technical innovations it is building into ...

  • vw iphone app

    VW launches iPhone app for accident help


    Volkswagen has launched an iPhone app that provides assistance to drivers who get into an accident. The app, which is available to VW owners free of charge, helps with the on-site filing of an online claim and also offers a range of additional services. These include locating a repair shop, ...

  • VW's hands-free driving test

    In VW test car, autopilot can take over


    In test, VW’s temporary auto pilot lets drivers take their hands off the wheel With human error causing 90 percent of the most serious traffic accidents, Volkswagen is experimenting with an autopilot that will take over key functions in critical situations. The German carmaker has created a research vehicle as ...

  • vw new u.s. site

    At VW brand, an enhanced digital sales tool


    VW’s new US Web site providers potential buyers with increased functionality Volkswagen brand is embarking on a worldwide digital sales and marketing offensive. The plan acknowledges the growing importance of the internet in car sales. The new offering will start in the US and will then be rolled out globally. ...