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  • volvo animal detection

    Volvo turns attention to collisions with animals


    Volvo’s new technology is a further development of pedestrian-detection already available (Photo: Volvo) Volvo has developed a safety system that helps avoid collisions with animals. In Sweden, where the carmaker is headquartered, there were 47,000 road accidents involving wild animals, according to the Swedish Advisory Council on Accidents Involving Wild ...

  • volvo on call app small

    New App keeps Volvo driver in touch with his car


    Volvo has launched a new App that lets a driver stay connected to his car even when he is not driving it. The Swedish carmaker said the new App, which is a development of the existing Volvo On Call App, features a car locator, remote door lock and heater starter, ...

  • volvo brake.automotiveIT

    ADAC finds Volvo's emergency braking "very good"


    Volvo’s City Assist warns a driver with a display that’s visible on the windshield (source: Volvo) Volvo's emergency-braking system received top honors in an ADAC test of six systems. The technology, as installed on a Volvo V60, received a "very good" from the German automobile club. Mercedes, Audi and VW ...

  • volvo sartre

    1st combined test of vehicle “platooning” successful


    Development teams have carried out the first combined test of “vehicle platooning,” a European-Union sponsored program aimed at changing the way cars and trucks use Europe’s roads. The test was carried out on the Volvo proving ground near Gothenburg, Sweden, as part of the SARTRE project. "This is a major ...

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    Detroit auto show: Volvo crashes C30 Electric


    Detroit ”“ The electric vehicles that seem to dominate this year’s Detroit auto show all look good, with one exception: the Volvo C30 Electric. The Swedish carmaker, now owned by China’s Geely, decided to stay true to its safety image. It brought to the show a severely mangled ...

  • volvo xc60 interior

    Volvo engineers strive for Apple-style user-friendliness in car IT


    Multimedia and other controls in the XC60 and other Volvo models will become more intuitive in the future DETROIT - Volvo Car Corporation engineers are looking for ways to make their  car IT different from competitors. And they say Apple is a good example of how this can be ...

  • geely logo

    Geely starts online car sales in China


    Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, which acquired Sweden's Volvo Car Corp. earlier this year, began selling cars online Monday in China, according to Xinhua, the country's national news agency. Geely said it has opened a virtual flagship store on Taobao Mall, one of China's biggest consumer Web sites. Geely said it ...

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    Germany's ADAC critical of Volvo's automatic emergency brakes


    Volvo’s pedestrian detection and automatic braking system improves road safety Germany's ADAC said there's a lot of work to be done before automatic emergency braking systems function properly. But the automobile club, which tested Volvo's new Pedestrian Detection and Full Auto Brake system,said that, despite weaknesses, the technology improves safety ...