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    carIT Congress: Volvo's next XC90 likely to have oversized display


    Volvo showed a concept with a big monitor at the IAA (Photo: Volvo) FRANKFURT - A senior Volvo executive said the next version of the XC90, which will be launched in 2014, will likely have a big portrait-layout monitor not unlike the display in Tesla's new Model S. Volvo ...

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    Jacoby to oversee GM International


    Stefan Jacoby (l), Tim Lee (Photo: GM) Former Volvo CEO Stefan Jacoby is taking over as head of General Motors' international operations effective Monday. Jacoby, who was unexpectedly dismissed as CEO of Chinese-owned Volvo last year, will take up his new responsibilities at GM Monday. He will report directly ...

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    Volvo cites strong sales of V60 plugin hybrid


    The V60 Plugin Hybrid can cover 50km on full electric power (Photo: Volvo) Volvo Cars is boosting production of its V60 Plug-in hybrid amid strong demand for its first diesel-hybrid model. The Swedish automaker said it will almost double production of the model at its Torslanda plant to 282 ...

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    Fast-charging Volvo EVs to start customer trials


    Volvo hopes its electric C30 will get a boost from faster charging (Photo: Volvo) Selected customers will start driving Volvo Cars' new fast-charging electric vehicles this summer, as the Swedish carmaker tests a new technology designed to address one of the major issues facing the EV industry. Today's lithium-ion ...

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    Volvo implements always-on high beams


    Volvo's technology shades only the light that would blind another driver (Photo: Volvo) Volvo Cars will next week unveil a new lighting technology that lets drivers keep their high beams on all the time without blinding other motorists. The Swedish premium car maker said it will demonstrate at the ...

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    Volvo, Geely to jointly develop C-segment architecture


    Volvo Cars and Geely will jointly develop a new modular architecture for their cars at a new research and development center in Gothenberg. Volvo, which is owned by China's Geely, said in a press release the two carmakers will use the architecture and a set of components for future C-segment ...

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    Former Volvo boss sees "no major role" for EVs


    Former Volvo CEO Jacoby shows the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept at the 2012 Detroit auto show (Photo: Volvo) Stefan Jacoby sees only a niche role for electric vehicles in the next 10 to 15 years. The former boss of Volvo Cars cited range anxiety and costs as the major ...

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    CAR Symposium: Dudenhoeffer says European car slump far from over


    Dudenhoeffer says Western Europe still won't have fully recovered by 2020 BOCHUM --The slump in European car sales is likely to last a bit longer than many people expect or hope, car expert Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer said Tuesday. "Europe will come back very slowly," Dudenhoeffer told reporters attending the CAR ...

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    CAR Symposium: Volvo Cars CEO wants to double sales


    CEO Samuelsson says "intuititve functionality" will define tomorrow's Volvos (Photo: Arjen Bongard) BOCHUM -- CEO Hakan Samuelsson wants to nearly double worldwide sales ofVolvo Cars in the next seven years. To accomplish this, he wants to strengthen the Swedish car brand, reduce complexity in its vehicle lineup and boost ...

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    China-Sweden research center opened in Beijing


    Volvo's knee airbag, seen here in the V40 Cross Country, underscores the carmaker's push for better safety features (Photo: Volvo) Representatives of Volvo Cars, the truck maker Volvo and universities in Gothenburg and Shanghai attended the official inauguration of the China-Sweden Research Center for Traffic Safety in Beijing this ...

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    Volvo tests faster battery charging


    Volvo says its new charger provides 80km of EV range after 30 minutes (Photo: Volvo) Volvo Cars is testing a new technology to recharge electric-vehicle batteries in 1.5 hours. The time it takes to recharge a battery and the relatively short driving ranges of today's EVs are two of ...

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    Volvo Cars appoints Hakan Samuelsson as new CEO


    Former MAN CEO Samuelsson has 35 years of auto-industry experience (Photo: MAN) Volvo Cars has appointed former MAN boss Hakan Samuelsson CEO of the Swedish automaker, succeeding Stefan Jacoby, who suffered a mild stroke in September. Jacoby will leave the company "after an amicable agreement," Volvo said. The appointment ...

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    Automated emergency brakes seen cutting pedestrian injuries


    Volvo offers pedestrian detection with full autonomous braking on the V40 (Photo: Volvo) Emergency braking systems would go a long way toward further reducing pedestrian casualties in traffic accidents, according to a study conducted by the German insurance industry. The study, carried out by the accident research unit (UDV) of ...

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    A successful road test of vehicle platooning


    In the Sartre roadtrain test, gaps between vehicles driving 85 km/h were only 6 meters (Photo: Volvo Car) A consortium that includes Volvo Car and Volvo Trucks successfully conducted a public road test of platooning, an experimental technology that lets vehicles automatically follow a lead vehicle with the help of ...

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    Mitsubishi Electric develops Volvo's infotainment system


    Volvo’s new V40 has a fully graphic instrument cluster. The driver can choose from three themes(Photo: Volvo) Volvo Car has selected Mitsubishi Electric to develop a next-generation infotainment system that will be on all new Volvo models from November, 2013. The Swedish carmaker said the new system will work in ...

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    PwC study: More Chinese automotive acquisitions likely


    German locking systems maker Kiekert was bought by China’s Hebei and PwC thinks more such acquisitions are in the offing (Photo: Kiekert) Chinese ”“ and Asian -companies, looking to improve their competitive standing, are stepping up their role in the consolidation of the global auto industry, according to a report ...

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    Geneva: Volvo's new V40 features pedestrian airbag


    The new Volvo V40’s pedestrian airbag is a world first (Photo: Volvo) Volvo's new V40 model will feature a new kind of airbag that covers the front of the car in a collision with a pedestrian. The Swedish automaker said the new V40, which will be officially unveiled at the ...

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    Volvo in smart-charging EV partnership


    Volvo wants drivers to manage EV charging from their smartphone (Photo: Volvo) Volvo is joining a cross-industry research group that wants to develop a smart on-board concept for controlling measuring and paying for electricity when charging electric-vehicle batteries. The Swedish research initiative, which is called ELVIIS (Electric Vehicle Intelligent Infra ...

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    In interview, Volvo's CEO says less is more in infotainment


    Volvo CEO Jacoby shows the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept at the Detroit auto show (Photo: Volvo) DETROIT -- Volvo Car CEO Stefan Jacoby believes the Swedish carmaker can compete with its premium rivals in the field of new automotive electronics systems by providing less, rather than more. "Consumers don't need ...

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    Volvo Car, Siemens plan to cooperate on electric vehicles


    From year-end, Volvo’s C30 Electric will have Siemens electric-power technology inside (Photo: Siemens) Volvo Car Corporation and Siemens announced plans for an extensive strategic cooperation in the area of electric vehicles. The two companies said they will focus on the joint development of electrical drive technology, power electronics and charging ...