Volkswagen unveiled its first self-driving vehicle, the Sedric concept, in 2017 (Photo: VW)

Volkswagen Group has acquired a minority stake in eastern German software startup FDTech, in a bid to strengthen its expertise in autonomous-driving technologies.

FDTech, which was established in 2017, develops software for automated driving and for self-driving vehicles. The company employs about 30 software developers.

Friedrich Eichler, head of chassis development at the VW brand, said in a statement that the carmaker is “working flat out to integrate highly automated driving in the next generation of Volkswagen cars.”

FDTech managing director Karsten Schulze said his company’s mission is “to make automated, networked mobility available to everyone.”

VW said FDTech’s expertise in automated driving algorithms will help the carmaker in its drive to develop and commercialize new forms of mobility.

VW last week said it would invest €3.5 billion in digital transformation, with software the key enabler of the changes it foresees in its business model. (See also story at:

-By Arjen Bongard