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    New travel apps for Europe planned


    Europe wants to make transport more intelligent (Photo: Ertico)A European-Union sponsored project will provide travelers with a new set of smartphone apps to make traveling within the 27-nation bloc easier.The Mobinet service platform will offer online access to new types of mobile services such as real-time multimodal travel assistance, ...

  • connected car.automotiveIT

    12 European carmakers move closer to implementing car-2-car communication


    European manufacturers want functioning car connectivity by 2015Twelve carmakers have agreed to step up cooperation to bring car-to-car communication to European roads through the use of a common deployment strategy.The 12 car companies, which cooperate in the Car 2 Car Communication Consortium, said in a press release in October ...

  • aftermarket.automotiveIT

    Automakers should hurry with connected-car aftermarket plans - study


    Car connectivity can help automakers retain aftermarket and service revenuesAutomakers should move quickly to benefit from the sales and service opportunities provided by connected cars.That is the main conclusion of an analysis by consultants Oliver Wyman.The study notes that by 2016, there will likely be about 216 million connected cars ...


    Autonomous driving "sooner than you think" - study


    Nevada is the first US state to approve public-road testing of Google’s driverless car (Photo: DMV Nevada)Self-driving cars may be a feature on the world's roads "sooner than you think," according to a report prepared by consultants KPMG in cooperation with CAR, the Center for Automotive Research."The pace of innovation ...

  • vw microsleep

    HMI solutions to grow strongly in cars, Frost & Sullivan says


    In 2007 already, VW developed a prototype system to combat driver’s "microsleep" (Photo: VW)Further improvements are needed in the way drivers control the growing array of infotainment and safety features in the car, Frost & Sullivan said in a recent analysis.The researchers said cars' so-called human machine interface (HMI) will ...

  • zf openmatics.automotiveIT

    ZF has 1st customer for Openmatics


    Openmatics-equipped Pullman buses in Milan will have two apps (Photo: ZF)ZF's Openmatics system will be installed on 35 Air Pullman shuttlebuses that transport people between Milan's Malpensa airport and the city center.Air Pullman is deploying the ZF telematics platform with two apps, the "All vehicles overview," which shows the Openmatics-equipped ...

  • nissan mind-reading.automotiveIT

    At Nissan, researchers hope to develop a mind-reading car


    Nissan and the EPFL university are testing mind-reading systems with a wheelchair (Photo: EPFL)It's the thought that counts in a new Nissan Europe research project.The Japanese carmaker, together with the Lausanne Technical University (EPFL) is studying whether brain waves can actually direct a vehicle."After scanning the thought patterns of its ...

  • neelie kroes.automotiveIT

    Kroes to industry, member states: eCall is coming, so get to work!


    EU Commissioner Kroes says eCall is a high priority (Photo: EU Commission)The European Commission is stepping up the pressure on member countries to introduce eCall, an in-car emergency calling system that it wants to make mandatory by 2015.Neelie Kroes, EU Commissioner in charge of the 27-nation bloc's digital agenda said ...

  • delphi connectivity platform.automotiveIT

    IAA 2011: Delphi showcases integrated radar-camera unit


    Delphi builds many of the key components that go into the IT systems of today’s vehicles (Photo: Delphi)Delphi will give a preview at the Frankfurt auto show (IAA) of an integrated radar and camera system designed to boost active safety in cars.The US-based automotive supplier said its RacAM module enables ...

  • IAA_2011.automotiveIT

    IAA 2011: IBM to showcase automotive solutions in Frankfurt


    IBM will be present at the Frankfurt auto show next month as it tries to grow its automotive business worldwide.The US IT giant will showcase products across a broad spectrum of automotive sectors, including connectivity, electric vehicles and intelligent traffic management. Within these areas, IBM is conducting research into new ...

  • north sea.automotiveIT

    Hamburg university coordinates regional EV infrastructure


    Countries bordering the North Sea are looking to coordinate electric-vehicle infrastructure plansHamburg's University of Applied Sciences (HAW) is coordinating a European Union project aimed at developing an electric-vehicle infrastructure that extends beyond major metropolitan areas.The project, called the North Sea Region Electric Mobility Network, will look at climate change, mobility ...

  • kuli.automotiveIT

    Tesis, Magna promise better thermal management simulation


    Thermal simulations are crucial in the development of EVs (Photo: Kuli)Automotive supplier Magna and simulation specialist Tesis Dynaware are combining their simulation products to provide a complete analysis of a car's energy and thermal management.The two companies are coupling Tesis Dynaware's DYNA4 full vehicle simulation with Magna's KULI thermal simulation ...

  • forcam manufacturing.automotiveIT

    Factory 2.0 challenges Toyota manufacturing concepts


    Software can generate manufacturing productivity improvements (Photo: Forcam)New IT systems are beginning to compete with the Toyota manufacturing system, which has been a template for efficient production in the auto industry for many years.Sophisticated production software, which analyzes a plant's production data on a continuous basis, can sharply boost efficiency.At ...

  • VW TAP.automotiveIT

    VW shows how to drive 130 km/h with no hands on the wheel


    VW’s automatic pilot can perform all functions, but a human driver can take over any time (Photo: VW)Volkswagen has developed technology that allows hands-free driving at speeds of 130 kilometers/hour.The German carmaker, which showed the technology in final presentations for a European research project, said it represents a link between ...

  • better place denmark.automotiveIT

    Brussels endorses Better Place-led transport project


    Better Place already operates several battery recharging points in Denmark (Photo: Better Place)The European Commission has endorsed an E-mobility project that aims to establish a Europe-wide infrastructure for electric vehicles.The project, called "Greening European Transportation Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles" is led by EV infrastructure specialist Better Place. A coalition of ...

  • electr veh bosch charg

    New European research project aims at boosting EV efficiency


    Bosch says worries over driving range are a big concern for electric vehicle buyers (Photo: Bosch)A group of automotive companies including Robert Bosch and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen hopes to find ways to expand the driving range of electric vehicles without increasing battery size.The European Union sponsored "OpEneR" project, which stands for "Optimal ...

  • vw road junction.automotiveIT

    BMW, VW show how to avoid accidents at intersections


    BMW’s left-turn assistant warns a driver of danger when making a turnA group of 11carmakers, suppliers and research institutes has been working on new technologies that improve safety at intersections.One project effectively lets a driver look around the corner. Another prevents accidents from occurring when a car turns left.Such systems ...

  • Neelie Kroes.automotiveIT

    EU's Kroes: "Let's aim high" with European cloud strategy


    EU Commissioner Kroes hopes EU strategies will help define global standards in cloud computingNeelie Kroes urged Europe's IT industry last week to "aim high" and help Brussels forge a truly European Cloud computing strategy.The European commissioner in charge of Europe's digital agenda said data protection, interoperability and standardization are three ...

  • Hilmar Dunker.automotiveIT

    Opinion: IT’s role grows in defining car brands


    By Hilmar DunkerThe core competence of carmakers used to lie in the field of powertrain and chassis.Car companies took pride in building their own engines. BMW wouldn’t dream of putting an engine built by another brand into its 3, 5 or 7 Series models.Volkswagen develops its own TDI engines. And ...

  • daimler vito e-cell.automotiveIT

    Europarliament approves CO2 limits for vans


    With battery-powered vans such as this Mercedes Vito E-Cell, automakers will try to lower average fleet CO2 emissionsThe European Parliament has approved stricter CO2 limits for vans and other light commercial vehicles, in a move aimed at bringing the sector in line with Europe-wide legislation covering the passenger-car industryThe Parliament ...