CIOs worry about staff shortages in key areas such as big data, cyber security (Photo: Microsoft)

Big data technologies are increasingly in demand when companies develop digital business models, according to a new poll by consultants Capgemini.

The poll also found that cyber security has become an even bigger priority for CIOs.

More than two-third of CIOs expect digitalization to radically change existing business models and 63 pc of them see business processes will change.

More than 72 use big data analysis to optimize customer-facing processes, while 58 pc deploy it for internal processes.

IT security is growing in importance, the study found, with 62 percent of decision makers polled saying they have increased budgets in this area by more than 10 pc.

More than 40 pc of CIOs are happy with the pace of digital transformation in their companies, but they identified a series of risks that could endanger the course. They especially cited staff shortages in IT departments, in particular with regard to skills in data analysis, mobile and Internet-of-Things technologies and cyber security.