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  • psa.automotiveIT

    PSA Group's mobility chief wants to be preferred services provider


    Brigitte Courtehoux is targeting 300 million euros in mobility services revenue by 2021 (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- PSA/Peugeot-Citroen is stepping up eff0rts to build a real fourth brand for mobility services, the French carmaker's new mobility services chief, Brigitte Courtehoux, said Thursday. Next to Peugeot, Citroen and DS ...

  • schaeffler.automotiveIT

    Schaeffler CDO sees culture change as key to digitization


    Gerhard Baum (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- Networking the manufacturing industry involves a high degree of cultural change at industrial companies, Schaeffler's chief digital officer, Gerhard Baum, said Thursday. "It's important to bring the people along," Baum said in an address at the annual automotiveIT Congress here. The CDO ...

  • audi.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Audi's Stadler promises "piloted" A7 by 2017


    Rupert Stadler believes in the digital future of the automobile  (Photo: Claus Dick) FRANKFURT - Audi CEO Rupert Stadler said Wednesday that the next generation of its flagship A7 sedan will have the core functions of the carmaker's "piloted driving" technologies on board. In a keynote address at ...

  • qoros grottke.automotiveIT

    automotiveIT Congress: Qoros CIO cites greenfield advantages


    CIO Grottke says Qoros can build cars cost-effectively because it has no legacy costs (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER ”“ Chinese newcomer Qoros has one advantage over all other automakers: the company started five years ago from a clean sheet of paper and didn't have to deal with antiquated plants, ...

  • rogall grothe.automotiveIT

    automotiveIT Congress: eCall seen cementing automotive IT ties


    German State Secretary Rogall-Grothe sees hacking attacks increasing (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER - The ties between the automotive and IT industries will get a major push from the introduction in Europe of eCall, a senior German government official said Thursday. "At the latest with the firm introduction of eCall ...

  • gm mott.automotiveIT

    automotiveIT Congress: GM's MOTT says "IT is a strategic corporate asset"


    GM CIO Randy Mott is insourcing 90 pc of IT services (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER ”“ General Motors CIO Randy Mott said IT is a "strategic corporate asset" for the automaker. It can play a key role in boosting the speed of innovation, he said. Mott, who joined GM ...

  • volvo.iaa.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Volvo's next XC90 likely to have oversized display


    Volvo showed a concept with a big monitor at the IAA (Photo: Volvo) FRANKFURT - A senior Volvo executive said the next version of the XC90, which will be launched in 2014, will likely have a big portrait-layout monitor not unlike the display in Tesla's new Model S. Volvo ...

  • ford hohage carit 2013.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Ford developer sees opportunities in smartphones


    Ford's Hohage says Ford's HMI focuses on affordability (Photo: Claus Dick) FRANKFURT - Smartphones provide a "window of opportunity" to upgrade and personalize in-car infotainment beyond the possibilities of embedded technologies, a senior Ford development executive said Tuesday. Speaking to the 400 participants at the Mobility 3.0 Congress here, ...

  • haeussermann daimler carit 13.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Daimler exec sees gradual convergence of connectivity systems


    Haeussermann says focus is on digital natives as auto industry changes (Photo: Claus Dick) FRANKFURT - Different methods for integrating smartphones in the car will continue for years before an eventual standardization takes place, a senior Daimler executive said Wednesday. "Unfortunately, we'll have to suffer many systems until one ...