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  • jaguar.automotiveIT

    At JLR, a focus on brainwaves to improve safety


    JLR says drivers can be distracted even when they seem to concentrate on driving (Photo: JLR) Jaguar Land Rover is researching whether a car could capture a driver's brainwaves to identify whether he or she is distracted. The research project, which is called "Mind Sense," wants to see whether ...

  • bielefeld.automotiveIT

    Adding sophistication to in-car voice output


    Researchers programmed voice output to remain silent in dangerous situations (Photo: Bielefeld University) Automated voice output systems often add to distraction in the car, when they continue to provide instructions in, for example, a difficult traffic situation. Researchers at Bielefeld University in western Germany have developed a dialog system ...


    Bosch introduces "combiner" head-up displays for BMW


    The "combiner" head-up display makes it look as if the information is suspended two meters before the vehicle (Photo: Robert Bosch) So-called "combiner" head-up displays built by Robert Bosch will be available on a range of BMW Group models, including the new Mini hatchback, the German automotive supplier said. ...

  • google.automotiveIT

    Poll: Interest in Google Glass in the car


    Google's wearable computer can be operated through voice commands (Photo: Google) Car drivers would be interested in using Google's wearable computer - Google Glass - to help control functions in a car, according to a new poll of 1,011 German car buyers. The survey, conducted by the puls market ...

  • aaa.automotiveIT

    US auto club: Hands-free still distracts drivers


    Sensors attached to testers' heads measured brain activity in the AAA study (Photo: AAA) New research shows that hands-free technologies do little to keep drivers' attention focused on the act of driving. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, a non-profit organization, said "dangerous mental distractions" result from drivers' hands-free ...

  • driver distraction.automotiveIT

    US proposes concrete steps to reduce driver distraction


    The US Administration wants drivers to keep their eyes on the road (Photo: NHTS) The US administration released guidelines Monday that include concrete measures to reduce driver distraction. The recommendations, issued by the Transportation Department's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), call on automakers to disable manual text entry ...

  • continental ruf.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: Autonomous driving to start with commercial vehicles ”“ Continental exec


    Continental's Ruf sees driver distraction as a problem in connecting cars (Photo: automotiveIT) Autonomous driving is likely to start with commercial vehicles rather than with passenger cars, a senior Continental executive said Tuesday. "I think it's easier to realize with trucks, which move at a slower speed, tend to ...

  • Delphi displays.automotiveIT

    Frost predicts sharp rise in in-car displays


    At the CES in January, Delphi showed how to spread information across various in-car displays (Photo: Delphi) The number of in-car displays will rise sharply as infotainment becomes a more important part of the car, Frost & Sullivan said in a report. The researchers predicted that the market for central ...

  • driver distraction.automotiveIT

    German testers: In-car electronics hard to handle for many drivers


    Drivers worry about being distracted but they also appreciate new safety and comfort features For most drivers many new electronics functions in passenger cars are difficult to manage, according to a recent survey carried out in Germany by DEKRA, a major testing and certification company. In the survey, 77 pc ...

  • vw microsleep

    HMI solutions to grow strongly in cars, Frost & Sullivan says


    In 2007 already, VW developed a prototype system to combat driver’s "microsleep" (Photo: VW) Further improvements are needed in the way drivers control the growing array of infotainment and safety features in the car, Frost & Sullivan said in a recent analysis. The researchers said cars' so-called human machine interface ...

  • ntsb.automotiveIT

    US transportation chief against ban on all in-car phone use


    The NTSB voted unanimously to recommend a ban on the non-emergency use of portable electronic devices in cars (Photo: NTSB) US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said he doesn't support a call by the country's National Transportation Safety Board to bar drivers from making any phone calls at all while behind ...

  • ford safety tour

    Ford Europe study: Handheld in-car mobile phone use stays high


    Ford visited 28 cities in 11 countries this summer to demonstrate new safety systems (Photo: Ford) A poll conducted by Ford in major European markets found that drivers continue to use handheld mobile phones, despite increased legislation aimed at curbing driver distraction. The survey of more than 4,300 drivers in ...

  • Article

    inthinc is awarded distracted-driving patent


    inthinc Technology Solutions has been awarded a patent covering driving safety technology related to cell phone and text detection. The US-based telematics company said the patent will help it make products that combat distracted driving. The patent covers technology that detects in-car cell phone usage. The system then coaches the ...

  • Article

    Telematics Update: Driver distraction a concern


    Driver distraction remains a potential barrier to the introduction of new infotainment features in the car, several industry executives said Wednesday. "Distraction is a factor," said Mike Sena, vice president European development at Hughes Telematics. Added Andy Knotts, ITS senior manager at Japanese supplier Denso: "Driver distraction is one of ...