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  • cebit digital drive.automotiveIT

    CeBIT 2012 - Hanover


    This year's CeBIT high-tech fair will pay special attention to the growing importance of IT to the auto industry.The annual event, the world's biggest IT fair, will include a special automotive focus under the "Digital Drive" banner. Various automakers, suppliers and service providers will provide solutions that are increasingly finding ...

  • cebit conference center.automotiveIT

    CeBIT Global Conferences - Hanover


    The conference center at the Hannover Messe will be the venue for the CeBIT Global Conferences program (Photo: CeBIT)Senior IT managers from Amazon, eBay, IBM, Microsoft and Siemens will be among the speakers at a series of events hosted at the CeBIT high-tech fair in Hanover next month.CeBIT Global Conferences, ...

  • automotiveday2011

    automotiveDAY - Hanover


    More than 400 people attended the automotiveDAY conference in 2011 (Photo: automotiveIT)The fourth annual automotiveDAY conference will focus on the role of IT in fostering growth in the auto industry.Speakers will focus on a range of topics, including the role of IT in boosting growth in the industry; how Cloud ...

  • Schalttafel_webk

    Worker motivation software takes broad view


    A German institute has developed software that can help companies deploy a more sophisticated worker-incentive program.The Institute for Integrated Production (IPH), which belongs to Hanover's Leibniz University, teamed up with partners from industry to develop the software, which aims to not just reward workers for productivity, but also takes into ...

  • all-for-one.automotiveIT

    Resellers association to move seat close to SAP headquarters


    One of the world's largest communities of SAP resellers is moving its main office close to the headquarters of the business software group in Walldorf, Germany.UnitedVARs, which has 20 core partner companies worldwide serving mostly small and mid-sized enterprises, was founded last year. Its aim is to deliver one-stop-support to ...

  • siemens plm software.automotiveIT

    Siemens PLM: "Unreserved support" for PLM openness codex


    Chuck Grindstaff (Photo: Siemens)Siemens PLM Software CEO Chuck Grindstaff is a big believer in open systems. The head of the business software division of Germany's Siemens is confident his products can compete in a fully open environment.In an interview with automotiveIT, Grindstaff, a 33year Siemens veteran, also discussed Siemens new ...

  • vw chattanooga.automotiveIT

    VW sets target for sustainable production


    VW has installed energy-saving lights at its new Chattanooga plant in the US (photo: VW)Volkswagen wants to improve the sustainability of its car plants by 25 pc between 2010 and 2018.The German carmaker said it will conserve energy, cut down on waste volumes, lower CO2 and other emissions and reduce ...

  • vw clausthal.automotiveIT

    Making engine control software development more efficient


    VW is looking for tangible benefits from its cooperation with Clausthal University (Photo: VW)Software development for engine control units is both complex and expensive. That's why Volkswagen and Clausthal University of Technology are looking for ways to make this work more efficient.Europe's largest auto company and the smallest technical university ...

  • daimler plant it

    Mercedes-Benz consolidates logistics, production systems


    Daimler’s production and logistics consolidation started at its Rastatt plant. The whole project will be concluded globally in 2020 (Photo: Daimler)Mercedes-Benz is moving ahead systematically with the modernization of its factories and that involves a consolidation of production and logistics systems.Those systems are the key to maintaining the flexibility today's ...

  • trw engelhardt1

    Interview: TRW's Engelhardt says powerful IT needed


    Rafael Engelhardt: TRW global director of information services (Photo: TRW)Rafael Engelhardt has reduced IT expenditures at US-based automotive supplier TRW by imposing a range of restrictions on, among other things, employees' use of smartphones.He also took action to curb expenses in other areas. That has helped bring down TRW's IT ...

  • Autodesk Cloud.automotiveIT

    Autodesk introduces cloud-based PLM software


    Autodesk hopes its cloud-based solution will appeal to smaller companies as well (Photo: Autodesk)Autodesk has unveiled new cloud-based product lifecycle management (PLM) software targeted at existing as well as new users.The US based 3d design, engineering and entertainment software group said in a press release that its new Autodesk 360 ...

  • license management hell.automotiveIT

    Licensing hell: Companies struggle to take control


    When it comes to software licensing, companies are struggling to come to grips with what are often high and unnecessary expenses.Experts say it’s actually possible for an IT department to get licensing costs under control. But the issue has to be tackled decisively and courageously.Daimler is one of the companies ...

  • mclaren tech center.automotiveIT

    In F1 PLM, Dassault rules but Siemens is gaining ground


    Ultra-fast F1 race cars need technical updates to be applied at record speeds as well (Photo: McLaren)The PLM power relationships in motorsports’ top tier have been set in stone for many years. Dassault Systèmes, with its Catia design program, is the undisputed heavyweight.But rival Siemens PLM is fighting back.The German ...

  • hard disk samsung.automotiveIT

    Thai floods drive up hard disk prices


    A shortage of hard disks is not expected to increase computer prices (Photo: Samsung)Flooding in Thailand and resulting plant closures in the country have led to massive price increases for computer hard disks.According to BITKOM, Germany's high-tech industry association, hard disk prices have risen 80 pc since September alone. BITKOM ...

  • siemens solid edge.automotiveIT

    From Siemens PLM, millions of parts in 3D


    Configurable parts can be viewed in 3D detail (Photo: Siemens PLM)Siemens PLM has launched a new internet portal where users of its Solid Edge software can review millions of parts and components in 3D CAD models.The German maker of product-lifecycle-management software said the portal allows users to configure parts virtually ...

  • Toyota.automotiveIT

    Toyota, SNAM in sustainable battery recycling pact


    Some 370,000 European hybrid Toyota and Lexus models are equipped with NiMH batteriesToyota Motor Europe (TME) has signed a three-year framework agreement with France's Societe Nouvelle d’Affinage des Métaux (SNAM) for the European-wide take back and sustainable recycling of high-voltage industrial nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries.Toyota has sold around 370,000 Toyota ...

  • tesla model s.automotiveIT

    Panasonic to provide battery cells for Tesla's Model S


    Tesla will start sales of its new Model S next year (Photo: Tesla)Japan's Panasonic will provide lithium-ion battery cells for Tesla's new premium electric sedan, the Model S.The Japanese electronics group said it would supply enough cells so Tesla can build more than 80,000 cars in the next four years. ...

  • sap_logo.automotiveIT

    SAP Automotive Symposium - Mainz


    SAP will host its Automotive Symposium in Mainz, Germany, Nov 16 and 17.The business software maker has drafted a program that focuses on how to speed up development and operations, improve intra-company cooperation, and streamline supply chain management.In addition, the two-day conference will look at the new opportunities that come ...

  • EV Schneider.automotiveIT

    Renault, Nissan, PSA and Mitsubishi develop joint battery recharging standard


    Carmakers would like to standardize battery recharging stations for electric vehicles (Photo: Schneider Electric)Four major carmakers have decided to coordinate development of a technical standard for the recharging of electric-vehicle batteries in Europe.The group, which consists of Renault and its alliance partner Nissan, PSA/Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors, will develop a ...

  • gaia-electro-car

    Enersys to build lithium-ion batteries in Germany


    The Duracar Quicc! electric minicar uses lithium-ion batteries with cells from LTC (Photo: GAIA)EnerSys has formalized a joint-venture agreement to produce large-format lithium-ion battery cells in Germany.The US based energy-solutions group said it will have a majority interest in a new joint venture it has formed with GAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbH, ...