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    Delphi officially spins off powertrain; launches Aptiv


    (Photo: Delphi) Delphi on Tuesday officially spun off its powertrain division and launched Aptiv, which groups the US supplier’s connectivity operations. A second company, Delphi Technologies, will henceforth include all powertrain-related components and systems. Aptiv, which will be headquartered in Gillingham, England, and employ 147,000 people worldwide, will ...

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    Software and computer speed will power Aptiv


    Aptiv, the new name for Delphi Automotive, has emerged after spinning off its powertrain division this month with a focus on enhanced computing power for driving features and connected-vehicle architectures. 

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    Delphi: "We are pushing to make OTA happen"


    Mary Gustanski, who leads engineering at Delphi, sees a need for a new vehicle IT architecture.

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    ZF, BAIC agree to jointly build EV components in China


    China is the world’s biggest EV market. Sales are expected to grow sharply in coming years.(Photo: BAIC) ZF Friedrichshafen and China’s Beijing Automotive Industry Corp (BAIC) plan to jointly produce components for electric vehicles in China. The agreement reflects expectations that EVs will soon play an even bigger ...

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    ZF opts for SAP software for HR, finance, purchasing


    Following its acquisition of TRW in 2015, ZF needs an integrated IT system landscape (Photo: ZF) SAP said ZF Friedrichshafen will adopt a range of software products to streamline human resources, finance and purchasing operations. The business software group said ZF, one of the world’s Top 5 automotive ...

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    Thyssenkrupp opens 3D manufacturing tech center


    Additive manufacturing offers a seamless digital process from 3D data to finished product (Photo: Thyssenkrupp) Hoping to industrialize a new manufacturing technology, Thyssenkrupp has opened a technology center for 3D printing or additive manufacturing. The German engineering and steel group, a major supplier to the auto industry, said ...

  • Raman Mehta, CIO, Visteon, (L) and Markus Schupfner, CTO, Visteon Corp.

    "We can bring new technology to market in one year"


    Visteon's Schupfner (r) and Mehta (c) spoke to automotiveIT International Editor Arjen Bongard (Photo: Larry Peplin)Markus Schupfner became chief technology officer of Visteon in March 2016. Raman Mehta started as CIO of the US-based cockpit systems maker in April of this year. Both are part of the new top ...

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    "Partnerships with IT players are vital"


    One side of a digital win Source: Claus Dick ZF CDO Mamatha Chamarthi sees herself as “digital-transformer-in-chief”, working closely with CIO Juergen Sturm At ZF Friedrichshafen, digitization has a huge influence on the business. In an interview, Chief Digital Officer Mamatha Chamarthi describes the fast pace of ...

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    Chinese market expands lead


    China's share of the global car market has soared in recent years (Photo: Wikimedia)China looks set to solidify its position as the world's biggest car market, as vehicle demand in second- and third-tier megacities offsets the negative impact of growing political and economic risk.According to Germany's Center of Automotive ...

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    Bosch builds Genivi-based infotainment software for Renault-Nissan


    Robert Bosch is developing an infotainment system for Renault and its alliance partner Nissan, using software developed within the Genivi alliance.Genivi, an industry association committed to developing an open-source infotainment standard, said the new automotive software program will supply all Renault and Nissan vehicles.The Renault-Nissan alliance said in a press ...

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    With new graphics processors, Toshiba targets automotive growth market


    Toshiba's says its new Capricorn image processors help provide high-quality displays in mainstream car segments (Photo: Toshiba)MUNICH - With the launch of three new graphics processors, Toshiba hopes to increase its share of the growing market for high-quality automotive instrument clusters.The Japan-based electronics group said the three processors, which ...

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    Wind River, Clarion collaborate on Android-based infotainment


    The system Clarion is developing with Wind River will be GENIVI-compliant (Photo: Clarion)Wind River is working with in-car entertainment systems maker Clarion to develop Android-based automotive infotainment systems.The embedded and mobile software specialist, which is owned by chipmaker Intel, said it is creating a custom Android software platform for use ...

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    In F1 PLM, Dassault rules but Siemens is gaining ground


    Ultra-fast F1 race cars need technical updates to be applied at record speeds as well (Photo: McLaren)The PLM power relationships in motorsports’ top tier have been set in stone for many years. Dassault Systèmes, with its Catia design program, is the undisputed heavyweight.But rival Siemens PLM is fighting back.The German ...

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    Harman, Sierra Wireless start LTE infotainment road tests


    Sierra Wireless will use its AirPrime wireless modules to get faster connectivity into the car (Photo: Sierra Wireless)HARMAN and Sierra Wireless are cooperating to make in-car infotainment systems connect faster with the world outside the vehicle.Harman, a large audio and infotainment group, is teaming up with wireless module maker Sierra ...

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    Upheaval in automotive PLM as car companies change partners


    Automakers are reviewing - and changing - their PLM software (Illustration: Siemens)Upheaval in the PLM market: Daimler and Chrysler are separating from former partner Dassault Systemes and are doing development work with Siemens PLM software. On the other hand, BMW has settled on Dassault in the E/E domain. In turn, ...

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    Denso, Mobis, Accenture join GENIVI alliance


    Japanese automotive supplier Denso, Korean components maker Mobis and management consultancy Accenture have joined the GENIVI alliance, the association said in a press release.GENIVI is an association of automotive and electronics companies that drives the development and adoption of an open in-vehicle infotainment reference platform. The group hopes that further ...

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    NXP moves automotive sales & marketing to Shanghai


    NXP’s Freeman is now closer to the company’s growth marketsNXP Semiconductors is moving its automotive sales and marketing headquarters to China, in a sign that auto-industry suppliers recognize that major growth markets lie in Asia.Netherlands-based NXP, a global semiconductor group with 2010 revenue of 4.4 billion dlrs, said its vice ...

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    German association: Japan disaster may lead to "global bottlenecks" in electronics production


    Earthquakes and a tsunami hit the northeastern part of Japan late last week ( German electronics industry association warned Wednesday that a major Japanese earthquake, a devastating tsunami and the ensuing nuclear-power station malfunctions could lead to problems for the global electronics industry.The industry association, the ZVEI, said Japanese electronics ...

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    Small, mid-sized companies hesitate with simulation software


    Plant operations can be improved with simulation softwareWith product variety on the rise, automotive suppliers are trying to cope with ever more complex production processes. Especially small and medium-sized companies are facing huge challenges.One solution is the digital factory. Automakers and their tier-1 suppliers have taken a leading role in ...

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    German car industry looks for RFID standard


    The auto industry is a leader in the implemention of RFID transponder technology, but when it comes to standards, there is a lot of work to be done.“Standalone solutions dominate,” says Bernd Schaefer, who works for German supplier Keiper. “We don’t have any universal systems from tier-2 to tier-1 suppliers.”Establishing ...