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News and insight into how digital twins are used in automotive applications, including simulation, design, engineering and production


Daimler CIO: "Data analysis and data management must be a core competency"

2019-04-11T14:24:00+01:00By Hilmar Dunker, Ralf Bretting

Daimler’s global chief information officer, Jan Brecht, spoke to automotiveIT about speed, data, open-source software and other corporate IT priorities.


AGCO harvests more value from IT

2019-04-05T16:02:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

Like automotive firms, agricultural equipment maker AGCO is planting the seeds of transformation, implementing a common global IT infrastructure, more digital manufacturing processes and an agile approach to IT service and development.

Rene Deist, Faurecia 3_web

Faurecia looks to digital services, underpinned by IT and data

2019-03-25T23:44:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

Dr. René Deist is leading a transformation of Faurecia’s global IT systems and processes to digitalize the supply chain and develop products faster – as well as to support new business models.


ZF to demonstrate smart logistics at Hannover Messe

2019-03-25T17:00:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

ZF Friedrichshafen plans to demonstrate its IoT platform to help create a “seamless supply chain” at the Hannover Messe, in a bid to show that data, connectivity and digital twins hold the key to manufacturing and logistics improvements.

Mattias Ulbrich, CIO, Porsche

Porsche CIO: Digital experience will grow in importance

2019-03-21T11:23:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

Customers’ digital experience will equal vehicle design in importance in coming years, Porsche CIO Mattias Ulbrich said in Berlin on Thursday speaking at the automotiveIT Congress.

Harald Krueger, CEO, BMW

Digitalization set to help BMW cut costs

2019-03-20T15:43:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

BMW’s CEO is pointing to digital technology, including virtual simulations, as a means to save huge amounts of money.

visteon head up display on citroen ds5

IT takes a front seat for innovation at Visteon

2019-03-19T22:09:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

CIO Raman Mehta is leading a dramatic modernization of Visteon’s IT and IS architecture and enterprise systems, helping the cockpit electronics supplier to further digitalize its engineering, production and supply chain.


How an intranet of things at BMW Group is driving digital production for its mixed drivetrain future

2019-02-07T10:05:00+00:00By Paul Fisher

Christian Patron is head of innovation, digitalisation, data analytics at BMW Group. Paul Fisher spoke to him about how BMW’s culture of innovation is pushing further into creating a more agile production process.


Digital twins play a role in all digitalization projects but data consolidation slows down implementation

2019-01-04T08:54:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard, Daniela Hoffmann

Digital twins are shaping up to be a key tool as automotive companies proceed with digitalization across the entire value chain. But it’s not easy to get a handle on these virtual representations.


The need for speed

2019-01-04T00:31:00+00:00Sponsored by GOM

Faster measurement times and precise data quality are the result of GOM’s new generation of 3D scanners

Technology key to evolution of supply chains but automakers need to adapt quickly to take advantage

2018-11-14T18:50:00+00:00By Victoria Johns

The automotive industry will only stay ahead of the curve in an age of greater supply chain complexity by adopting wider digitalisation as part of its routine operations, delegates at the JDA Focus Connect conference in Barcelona were told last week.


VinFast builds digital manufacturing strategy with Siemens’ solutions

2018-10-18T16:28:00+01:00By Farah Alkhalisi

Vietnamese carmaker VinFast, which unveiled its first models at the recent Paris motor show [pictured], has selected the Siemens PLM (product lifecycle management) software suite to underpin its manufacturing and operations.


Allego launches EV charger control deploying Microsoft Azure Digital Twins

2018-10-12T14:30:00+01:00By Farah Alkhalisi

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure provider Allego is offering a smart charging solution which enables a balancing of driver demand, grid capacity and renewable energy supply.


Bosch CDO: 'Not-invented-here' is a positive thing

2018-09-26T13:59:00+01:00By Arjen Bongard

Bernd Heinrichs points to digital twins, compute power and digital services as pillars of the future for the supplier.


Siemens PLM introduces ‘digital twin’ simulation for autonomous EV design

2018-09-21T16:11:12+01:00By Farah Alkhalisi

Siemens PLM is launching a software solution for the design of autonomous electric vehicles. This uses thermal design data to generate precise models, and is said to give the potential for early design changes and prediction of real-world performance, as well as a reduction in the costs of physical prototyping ...


“The human being continues to be at the center of Industry 4.0”

2018-08-13T14:09:00+01:00By Ralf Bretting, Hilmar Dunker

Wolfgang Wahlster, the head of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and inventor of the term ‘Industry 4.0’, talks about how artificial intelligence is changing the automotive industry.


Nvidia exec: simulation technology can play key role in AV testing

2018-05-29T17:45:00+01:00By Jason Booth

Norman marks, Nvidia’s automotive chief, sees a bigger role in digital simulations.


DENSO takes stake in On The Road to accelerate IoT for mobility services

2018-04-24T12:03:38+01:00By Farah Alkhalisi

DENSO Corporation has taken an equity stake in On The Road Co. Ltd., with a view to accelerating development of technologies for Mobility as a Service (MaaS). Its investment of around 160 million yen (about $1.5 million) gives it a stake of just under 15%.


Schaeffler shows urban vehicle concept

2018-04-12T18:14:58+01:00By Arjen Bongard

Schaeffler has unveiled the “Schaeffler Mover,” an urban vehicle concept that offers a technology platform that lends itself to various scenarios.

hannover messe.automotiveIT

At big industry show, motto is "Connect & Collaborate"

2018-04-12T11:52:00+01:00By Arjen Bongard

Traditional boundaries between industries are breaking down, productivity is rising and new business models are popping up like mushrooms. This month, Hannover Messe will lend its weight to this trend and examine the next levels of Industry 4.0.

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