Image: TRI-AD

Toyota is establishing a business alliance with the Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., and the Toyota Research Institute – Advanced Development, Inc. (TRI-AD). The insurance company’s data, including that on circumstances and causes of accidents, will be deployed to develop automated driving technology; Toyota and TRI-AD will mix this real-world data with artificial intelligence to recreate traffic accident conditions and simulate conditions contributing to dangerous scenarios.

This will also help Tokio Marine & Nichido – which handles over two million car accidents a year – to speed up its claims system, by using data provided by automated vehicles. The joint project will receive technical support from data science firm ALBERT Inc., which specializes in big data analytics. Toyota recently invested around 400million yen in the Tokyo-based company.

Toyota begins ‘my route’ multi-modal service trial

toyota-myroute-164x300. Image: Toyota

Toyota has also announced that it is starting trials of a multi-modal mobility service in Fukuoka City. ‘my route’, a partnership with Nishitetsu (Nishi-Nippon Railroad Co., Ltd.), brings data from eight service providers together in a smartphone app including route planning for traffic, shopping, and event information. Modes of transport including bus, rail, subway, taxis, rental cars, private vehicles, on-demand bicycles and walking can be combined on the routes, with reservations and payments made through the app as required. Users can also search for a shop or an event.

The trial of this integrated system will further enable both Toyota and Nishitetsu to test the viability of multi-modal mobility services, optimize their functions, and develop more services for the city’s residents and tourists. Participants in the trial, which will run till March 31, 2019, can download the app and use exclusive Fukuoka City one-day and six-hour passes.