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  • zf tags 2016

    ZF adds cargo checking to Openmatics platform


    In future, ZF won't just connect vehicles, but also freight (Photo: ZF) ZF has developed a bluetooth-enabled tagging system that will let logistics companies monitor the state ofcargo that is being transported. The automotive supplier’s “deTAGtive logistics” software will enhance ZF’s fleet management platform, which is marketed by its ...

  • zf Sturm.automotiveIT

    Bosch-Siemens' Sturm to become CIO of ZF


    Sturm (pictured) is succeeding Peter Kraus, who is retiring (Photo: ZF) Juergen Sturm, currently CIO of the Bosch-Siemens domestic appliances joint venture, will become CIO Â of ZF Friedrichshafen at the end of the year. Sturm, 51, will succeed Peter Kraus, who is retiring. The Bosch executive joins ZF ...

  • zf.trw.automotiveIT

    ZF takes over TRW


    ZF will continue to be headquartered in Friedrichshafen. TRW will be a separate division (Photo: ZF) Germany's ZF Friedrichshafen is taking over TRW Automotive to form a new global supplier group that, with combined annual revenue of around 30 billion euros and 138,000 employees, will be among the world's ...

  • trw anting tech ctr.automotiveIT

    TRW opens tech center in Anting, China


    TRW's Anting tech center is its largest worldwide (Photo: TRW) TRW is opening a technical center in China that will be its largest worldwide. The US automotive supplier group said the 66,000 square meter facility, which is located in Anting, near Shanghai, will have more than 20 scientific testing ...

  • TRW.automotiveIT

    TRW launches scalable video camera


    TRW's video camera sensor is slightly taller than a 1 euro coin (Photo: TRW) TRW Automotive, expecting strong demand for camera systems, has started production of a scalable video camera that can provide additional safety functions in the car. The US based supplier also said it is investing in ...

  • trw.automotiveIT

    TRW's ESC-park brake system to feature on 2014 European models


    TRW says its integrated park brake and ESC will save weight and reduce costs (Photo: TRW) TRW's integrated electric park brake and electronic stability control system will launch on European and Asia-Pacific models in 2014. The US-based automotive supplier said the park brake's control functions will  be performed ...

  • TRW S-Cam Video Camera Sensor.automotiveIT

    TRW plans more camera-technology investments


    TRW’s next-generation video camera sensor will be based on its S-Cam product available in Europe and Asia today (Photo: TRW) With regulation-driven demand expected to increase, TRW will invest more in automotive camera technology for the North American market. "In North America, in the coming five years, we expect to ...

  • trw touchpad.automotiveIT

    TRW unveils capacitive touchpad sensor


    TRW says its touchpad provides a more intuitive way to operate various infotainment controls (Photo: TRW) TRW, in an attempt to further simplify in-car controls, has developed a capacitive touchpad that recognizes handwriting. The US-based automotive supplier said the touchpad, which will be ready for production this year, will mark ...

  • trw.automotiveIT

    TRW says new display makes controlling in-car functions easier


    TRW says its display makes controlling vehicle functions faster and easier (Photo: TRW) TRW is developing a new type of display that will make it easier to control in-car and other functions at the touch of a fingertip. The US based automotive supplier said its multi-graphic projection display will transform ...

  • trw engelhardt1

    Interview: TRW's Engelhardt says powerful IT needed


    Rafael Engelhardt: TRW global director of information services (Photo: TRW) Rafael Engelhardt has reduced IT expenditures at US-based automotive supplier TRW by imposing a range of restrictions on, among other things, employees' use of smartphones.He also took action to curb expenses in other areas. That has helped bring down TRW's ...

  • Article

    TRW integrates seatbelt pretensioner and automatic brakes


    TRW Automotive has linked its seatbelt-pretensioner and emergency-braking systems, in an effort to better protect passengers and reduce the impact of a crash. The US supplier said the combination of its automatic emergency braking (AEB) and active control retractor (ACR) seatbelt technologies will mean safety systems kick in marginally faster, ...

  • Article

    TRW uses POET SaaS e-Procurement solution


    TRW Automotive is the latest customer of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-Procurement solution provided by Germany’s POET. The US-based automotive supplier will use POET’s electronic purchasing platform in its European operations. A global rollout is planned for a later date. To facilitate the changeover, TRW’s electronic catalogs were transferred from an ...