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    Study: Despite high expectations, Cloud computing growth is limited


    The global IT community expects a growing range of data and applications to move to the Cloud sooner rather than later. But, according to a German university study, the migration to the Cloud is moving more slowly than many have predicted. Researchers at the SRH University of Applied Sciences Berlin, ...

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    Study: Few CEOs have technology leadership background


    Only 4 pc of CEOs at the world's top companies served in a technology leadership role before moving into the top spot, according to a study conducted by CA Technologies.That can slow down the technological changes that are essential for companies to thrive in today's business environment, CA Technologies, an ...

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    Interview: BorgWarner CIO balances costs and growth


    Jamal Farhat, CIO of BorgWarner, is working on more than 1,000 projects this year, as the U.S. based automotive supplier expands its global business operations.He needs to make sure the group’s engineers have the IT tools they need, that the company’s 17,500 worldwide employees can communicate and share information easily ...

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    Fraunhofer develops encryption for data-to-Cloud uploads


    The Fraunhofer Institute wants to address companies’ fears of Cloud computing (Photo: Fraunhofer)Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has developed a data encryption solution to make Cloud computing safer.The Institute's OmniCloud software, which runs at a customer's site, encrypts all data before they are sent to the Cloud. In ...

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    SAP Automotive Symposium - Mainz


    SAP will host its Automotive Symposium in Mainz, Germany, Nov 16 and 17.The business software maker has drafted a program that focuses on how to speed up development and operations, improve intra-company cooperation, and streamline supply chain management.In addition, the two-day conference will look at the new opportunities that come ...

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    GM CIO in interview: Protecting GM electronically is my top priority


    DETROIT - Whether General Motors or Toyota or, before too long, Volkswagen is the world's biggest automaker is a subject of debate. What's not in dispute is that GM, with 176 plants in 31 countries, 20 engineering centers and more than 200,000 employees worldwide, is a complex, multifaceted global corporation ...

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    IBM study: Automotive CIOs put more focus on Cloud


    Automotive CIOs are putting a heavier focus on Cloud computing than their colleaques in other industries, according to an IBM study.The software and IT services group conducted 3,018 interviews with CIOs for its 2011 Global Chief Information Officer Study. Out of the total, 146 were CIOs in the auto industry.While ...

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    BMW Financial Services interview: IT as a success factor


    Ebner von Eschenbach: IT helped BMW Japan cope with the aftermath of the Fukushima earthquake and tsunamiBMW Financial Services depends for all its IT needs on the group's internal service division. IT at BMW is run by Karl-Erich Probst, CIO, while financial services at the German premium carmaker is headed ...

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    German researchers break into private Clouds


    German researchers have managed to hack into so-called "private Clouds," raising questions about the long-term security of Cloud computing.Researchers at the Ruhr University in Bochum in western Germany managed to hack into private Clouds, using a weakness in the Eucalyptus software platform, which is widely used in Cloud services. The ...

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    At Toyota, a private social network for customers


    Toyota Friend will first be available in JapanToyota will build a private social network for its customers and their cars. The network will be first launched in Japan.The Japanese carmaker said it will work with, a U.S. enterprise cloud computing company specialized in social collaboration, to build the service, ...

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    Using Google's predictive software, Ford cars may get a lot smarter


    With the help of Cloud computing, analytics and Google's predictive software, the car of the future can learn a driver's habits and help improve vehicle performance.Ford researchers are testing whether a car can be made smart enough to independently change its performance to deliver optimal driving characteristics and fuel efficiency. ...

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    Brussels to CIOs: help build a digital single market


    Kroes: CIO views matterEU Commissioner Neelie Kroes last week called on CIOs to help improve Europe's IT infrastructure by together building an EU-wide digital single market.In a speech on the occasion of the European CIO of the Year award, Kroes said CIOs from both the public and private sector need ...

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    EU's Kroes: "Let's aim high" with European cloud strategy


    EU Commissioner Kroes hopes EU strategies will help define global standards in cloud computingNeelie Kroes urged Europe's IT industry last week to "aim high" and help Brussels forge a truly European Cloud computing strategy.The European commissioner in charge of Europe's digital agenda said data protection, interoperability and standardization are three ...

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    Google trials Evatran’s Plugless Power EV recharging


    Evatran is showing its Plugless Power at the Ideal Home Show in London this monthGoogle is trialing an inductive battery charging technology developed by Evatran, a US charging specialist.The cloud computing and internet search company has several electric vehicles for short-range travel arounds its campus in Mountain View, California. It ...

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    Cloud Computing World Forum, London


    The third annual Cloud Computing World Forum will take place in London June 21st and 22nd. The organizers expect more than 2,500 IT and telecoms executives to attend.The forum, which features workshops, seminars and an exhibition,will discuss security and privacy issues in Cloud computing; how to reduce costs; mobile platforms ...

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    Help available in calculating cost of Cloud computing


    Germany’s Experton group is providing an online calculator that can help companies determine the cost of Cloud computing.The calculator shows what potential cost advantages can be realized in a company’s IT operations through the implementation of Cloud computing. To do the math, the software compares investment and operating costs of ...

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    Accenture: Cloud computing key to automotive success


    Cloud computing is particularly well suited to deal successfully with the challenges and opportunities of the auto industry, according to an Accenture report.The consultants cited three business areas where Cloud computing can provide a major benefit: Handling multi-brand dealer operations, integrating new alliances and takeovers, and supporting the further development ...

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    For midsized companies, a planned IT boost


    More than half of all midsized companies interviewed for an IBM-commissioned study late last year plan to boost their IT spending in 2011.Of the 2,112 companies polled, 53 pc projected an increase, which compares with only 20 pc in a similar study conducted in 2009.No change was budgeted by 31 ...

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    IBM signs new Cloud partnerships, adds GM unit to customer base


    IBM said it is expanding its Cloud offering and has signed up a range of new customers ”“ including a General Motors unit ”“ for its LotusLive software suite.The US computer and IT services group said it signed partnerships with Ariba and SugarCRM to expand its Cloud offering to include ...

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    HP’s “Hybrid delivery” addresses Cloud security issues


    HP announced a suite of new Cloud-based products and services that it said will address industry concerns about security, performance and availability.The California-based IT group said in a press release that Cloud computing has delivered benefits such as faster deployment of new services, reduction in IT headcount and a pay-as-you-go ...