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  • 2018-nio-day-launch-02

    NIO launches ES6 electric SUV, battery upgrades, updated NOMI digital assistant


    Image: NIO NIO’s ES6 five-seater electric SUV was launched this week at an event in Shanghai, and the company further announced a battery upgrade plan for its existing longer-wheelbase, seven-seat ES8. Over 9,700 ES8s have now been sold in China, and upgrades to the new 84 kWh ...

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    VW will introduce last ICE platform in 2026, but some vehicles could still be in production late as 2050


    Michael Jost, head of strategy, Volkswagen Volkswagen has announced that it will release what it says will be its final diesel and petrol platforms in 2026, paving the way for an all-EV future, according to Bloomberg. The announcement came at an industry ...

  • vw.automotiveIT

    CES: VW shows e-microbus, gesture control


    VW hopes to bring its iconic microbus into the 21st century (Photo: VW) LAS VEGAS -- Volkswagen unveiled an electric van concept, the Budd-e, at the CES consumer electronics show and announced that a new e-Golf Touch will feature gesture control and other novel display and control functions. "The ...

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    carIT Congress: BMW executive sees electric future


    BMW's Frickenstein cited the ability to update in-car systems as a major benefit of connectivity (Photo: Claus Dick) HANOVER -- BMW, which has a fleet of 2.5 million connected cars on the world's roads, expects an automotive future with highly automated vehicles that are propelled by electric motors, Elmar ...


    Tesla opens up patents to give boost to electric-vehicle market


    The Tesla Model S is one of the best-selling electric sports sedans (Photo: Tesla) Electric-vehicle maker Tesla is giving away all its patents in a move to accelerate the global electric-car revolution. "Technology leadership is not defined by patents, which history has repeatedly shown to be small protection indeed ...

  • Daimler's Zetsche.automotiveIT

    Daimler CEO: Connected cars is the only way to make money


    Zetsche introduced the new Mercedes A-Class at the Geneva auto show this month (Photo: Daimler) Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche this week reaffirmed the premium car maker's commitment to new connected-vehicle technology across its product range. "Soon you will not be able to make money anymore with cars that don't integrate ...

  • Daimler efficient house.automotiveIT

    Daimler tests inductive EV charging


    From March 2012, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-CELL, a 2nd generation smart fortwo electric drive and a smart ebike are available for the inhabitants of the efficient house (Photo: Daimler). Daimler will start testing inductive charging on a real car in an effort to make the refueling of electric vehicles easier. ...

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    BMW's Draeger predicts big EV battery improvements


    MUNICH -- It wasn't so long ago that a typical discussion with BMW's r&d chief would focus on new combustion-engine technology, the aerodynamic qualities of the latest car designs or the relative driving characteristics of Germany's three premium carmakers. Those topics are still important. But in an interview with automotiveIT ...

  • tesla roadshow dealer.automotiveIT

    Tesla starts Model S roadshow in N. America, Europe


    Tesla isembarking on North American and European tours to show its new Model S, which it claims is "the world's first sedan built from the ground up as an electric vehicle." The electric sports car maker will provide potential buyers with a detailed look at the engine, battery pack, front ...

  • daimler byd mar 2010.automotiveIT

    Daimler, BYD to show concept EV at 2012 Beijing auto show


    In March, 2010, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche (left) and BYD Chairman Wang Chuan-fu signed their partnership for electric vehicles in China (Photo: Daimler) Daimler and Chinese car and battery maker BYD said they plan to show a concept version of their planned electric vehicle at next year's Beijing auto show. ...

  • 2013 Fit EV

    Honda's electric Fit to charge faster with Toshiba battery module


    Honda’s electric Fit was unveiled at the Los Angeles auto show this week (Photo: Honda) The new electric version of the Honda Fit, which will be for sale from the summer of 2012,will be powered by Toshiba battery modules that the company says will charge quicker and provide less heat ...

  • seat ecomotive leon hybrid.automotiveIT

    Seat to roll out 2 electric cars for testing


    The Seat Leon hybrid will be an "all-purpose car" (Photo: Seat) Seat is getting ready to test two electric prototypes in advance of a full market introduction in 2015. The Spanish carmaker, a member of Germany's Volkswagen Group, said it will make available for evaluation to government institutions in Catalonia ...

  • citroen c-zero.automotiveIT

    German testers find cold weather shortens EV range


    The Citroen C-Zero has a shortened electric range in winter, Dekra says (Photo: Citroen) Electric vehicles have a much shorter driving range when the weather turns cold, according to tests conducted by Dekra, a German testing and certification company. Dekra conducted simulated summer and winter tests on a Citroen C-Zero ...

  • BMW PSA.automotiveIT

    BMW, PSA officially launch electrification JV


    BMW and PSA/Peugeot-Citroen Tuesday officially launched their joint venture to develop new electric powertrains and components for use in future models. The German and French car companies said in a statement that the cooperation, BMW Peugeot Electrification, aims to star building hybrid components from 2015. These will be used in ...

  • carlos_ghosn.automotiveIT

    Nissan to develop new hybrids under 2016 plan


    Nissan and Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn sees competitive advantages from his new green plan (Photo: Nissan) Nissan will develop an all-new front-wheel hybrid as well as a new plug-in hybrid model as part of a six-year environmental plan unveiled Monday. The Nissan Green Program 2016 (NGP 2016) calls for 70 ...

  • mini_echarged.automotiveIT

    BMW, Siemens, Munich to develop fast-charging infrastructure


    The Drive eCharged partners are using electric Minis to test the new charging technology (Photo: Mini) Premium carmaker BMW has teamed up with power-technology group Siemens and the city of Munich to jointly develop a system to recharge electric vehicles in a much shorter time than is possible today. The ...

  • mitsubishi i-miev.automotiveIT

    Mitsubishi starts i-MiEV deliveries to Estonian govt


    Estonia has placed the biggest order to date for Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV electric vehicle (Photo: Mitsubishi) Mitsubishi Motors Corporation has started deliveries of a large order of its i-MiEV electric vehicles to the Estonian government. Estonia has ordered 507 i-MiEVs in the Japanese carmaker's single largest order to date for the ...

  • Chevrolet Spark EV.automotiveIT

    Chevrolet to build all-electric Spark


    GM will launch the all-electric Chevrolet Spark in 2013 (Photo: GM) General Motors will build an all-electric version of the Chevrolet Spark minicar for launch in 2013. The US carmaker confirmed earlier news reports that it would be building a full electric model in addition to the Chevrolet Volt, which ...

  • Ford Leviton recharger.automotiveIT

    Leviton charging stations for Ford's Focus Electric on sale in US


    Ford’s home battery charger for the Focus Electric will cost $1,499 (Photo: Ford) Ford said specially designed home battery chargers for the Ford Focus Electric are now available at Ford dealers and at retailer Best Buy in the US. The rollout comes around six months before Ford plans to start ...

  • EV Schneider.automotiveIT

    Renault, Nissan, PSA and Mitsubishi develop joint battery recharging standard


    Carmakers would like to standardize battery recharging stations for electric vehicles (Photo: Schneider Electric) Four major carmakers have decided to coordinate development of a technical standard for the recharging of electric-vehicle batteries in Europe. The group, which consists of Renault and its alliance partner Nissan, PSA/Peugeot-Citroen and Mitsubishi Motors, will ...