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  • harman headunit.automotiveIT

    Harman shows LTE connectivity platform


    Harman expects the new LTE or 4G mobile communications standard to grow (Photo: Harman)MUNICH -- Next-generation mobile connectivity, also known as LTE or 4G, is only just getting underway, but infotainment specialist Harman is showing how the new technology can improve connections to and from the car.At a presentation here ...

  • ford b-max 2012.automotiveIT

    Ford to showcase B-MAX at Mobile World Congress


    Bill Ford will unveil the B-MAX and hold a keynote speech at the Barcelona event (Photo: Ford)Ford Motor Executive Chairman Bill Ford will unveil the carmaker's new B-MAX model at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona later this month.The presence at the gathering of the Ford chairman underscores the growing ...

  • cebit digital drive.automotiveIT

    CeBIT 2012 - Hanover


    This year's CeBIT high-tech fair will pay special attention to the growing importance of IT to the auto industry.The annual event, the world's biggest IT fair, will include a special automotive focus under the "Digital Drive" banner. Various automakers, suppliers and service providers will provide solutions that are increasingly finding ...

  • volvo jacoby.automotiveIT

    In interview, Volvo's CEO says less is more in infotainment


    Volvo CEO Jacoby shows the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid concept at the Detroit auto show (Photo: Volvo)DETROIT -- Volvo Car CEO Stefan Jacoby believes the Swedish carmaker can compete with its premium rivals in the field of new automotive electronics systems by providing less, rather than more."Consumers don't need all these ...

  • dudenhoeffer

    Dudenhoeffer: Do we really need Facebook in the car?


    Dudenhoeffer: Only car-specific applications make senseRespected German automotive analyst Ferdinand Dudenhoeffer said he doesn't think all new IT has a place in the car."Isn't the question: what do we really need in the car?" he said in an interview with automotiveIT. "Facebook? I don't see it."Dudenhoeffer heads the CAR Center ...

  • Daimler efficient house.automotiveIT

    Daimler tests inductive EV charging


    From March 2012, a Mercedes-Benz A-Class E-CELL, a 2nd generation smart fortwo electric drive and a smart ebike are available for the inhabitants of the efficient house (Photo: Daimler).Daimler will start testing inductive charging on a real car in an effort to make the refueling of electric vehicles easier.The carmaker ...

  • fully networked car.automotiveIT

    Fully networked car workshop


    For the seventh consecutive year the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) is organizing the "Fully Networked Car" workshop during the Geneva auto show.The workshop, which will take place in Geneva March 7 and 8, 2012, provides a venue for car companies and standards makers to meet and discuss the car of ...

  • NXP_Ethernet.automotiveIT

    Alliance formed to advance ethernet for in-car connectivity


    The OPEN alliance says ethernet is a cost-effective automotive networking technology (Photo: NXP)Carmakers BMW and Hyundai have teamed up with Broadcom, NXP Semiconductors, Freescale and Harman to make ethernet the computer networking technology of choice inside the car.The move comes as the auto industry is preparing for new and more ...

  • Sierra_Wireless.automotiveIT

    Harman, Sierra Wireless start LTE infotainment road tests


    Sierra Wireless will use its AirPrime wireless modules to get faster connectivity into the car (Photo: Sierra Wireless)HARMAN and Sierra Wireless are cooperating to make in-car infotainment systems connect faster with the world outside the vehicle.Harman, a large audio and infotainment group, is teaming up with wireless module maker Sierra ...

  • vw form.automotiveIT

    carIT Congress: The search for a connected business model


    Willi Diez: Urban driving is not that much fun.FRANKFURT ”“ One thing was clear at last week’s first carIT Congress: Despite an abundance of new technologies coming to market, the auto industry is still hard at work to define business models for electric vehicles and the connected car.Speakers at the ...

  • conti booth iaa 2011.automotiveIT

    IAA 2011: With e-tire, Continental targets EV market


    Continental will have a 900 square meter booth at the IAA (Model photo: Continental)Continental will unveil a specially designed tire aimed at helping electric vehicles expand their driving range.At the upcoming Frankfurt auto show (IAA), the German automotive supplier and tire maker wants to address some of the major issues ...

  • connected car.automotiveIT

    6 Winners in US connected vehicle competition


    The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has announced six winners in a national competition for the best ideas for using wireless technology in car-to-car communication."The winners of this competition have given us ideas that will help build the transportation system of the 21st century,” said US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.Entries ...

  • Article

    Windows provide new interactive dimension in Toyota concept


    Toyota’s windows of the future let passengers see the outside world differently (Photo: Toyota)Toyota Motor Europe (TME) joined forces with the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) last month to show how car windows could better connect people inside a vehicle to the world around them.The concept was another example ...

  • Android_home.automotiveIT

    Swiss company wants Android in the connected car


    Myriad Group, a Swiss mobile technology company, says it is in talks with leading automotive companies to extend Google's Android mobile operating system to the connected car.Myriad has developed software called Alien Dalvik that lets the majority of Android appllications run unmodified on a wide range of platforms and devices. ...

  • toyota microsoft.automotiveIT

    Microsoft to help Toyota build global cloud platform by 2015


    Microsoft is keen to partner with the world’s biggest automaker (Illustration: Microsoft)Toyota aims to build a "complete global cloud platform by 2015" and it is soliciting Microsoft's help to get there.The Japanese carmaker and the US-based software giant announced Thursday that they plan to jointly build a global platform for ...

  • Mercedes-Benz,H2 World Drive 2011;USA

    Mercedes to build fuel cell stacks in Vancouver from 2013


    3 fuel-cell-powered Mercedes B-Class cars stop over in Miami on their round-the-world tourKeen to bring future key technologies inhouse, Mercedes-Benz will start producing its own fuel cell stacks in Vancouver from 2013.The premium car maker, the core division of Germany’s Daimler group, said construction is starting immediately on a 2000 ...

  • Article

    Survey: More Europeans will consider giving up one car


    More Europeans will consider giving up at least one of their cars in the next 12 months, according to a survey on mobility trends.Already, 90 percent of all drivers have changed their driving habits for cost reasons, according to the European Transportation & Mobility Observatory, a study conducted by the ...

  • Article

    Garmin offfers connected, integrated navigation on new N. American Suzuki models


    Satellite navigation maker Garmin said Tuesday it wil provide a “connected and integrated navigation package” in North America for the 2011 Suzuki Grand Vitara and SX4 models, including the SX4 Crossover, SX4 Sport and SX4 SportBack.The system will provide wireless online information such as Google local search, traffic, weather, fuel ...

  • Klaus Draeger has headed BMW r&d since 2006

    Interview: BMW’s Draeger: High hopes for car-to-car communication


    Klaus Draeger has been in charge of r&d at BMW since 2006Klaus Draeger began his career as a scientific staff member at the university before earning his PhD. In 1985, he joined BMW as a trainee in the manufacturing area. He passed through various posts at the German premium carmaker, ...