• genivi.automotiveIT

    OpenAutomotive Congress - Stuttgart


    (Photo: Genivi) Genivi is hosting "OpenAutomotive '15," a two-day conference focusing on cybersecurity issues in the auto industry. The event will take place in Stuttgart April 21-22. The main conference day is April 22nd. Genivi is a non-profit industry alliance of automakers and their suppliers. The group drives the ...

  • renault nissan.automotiveIT

    Bosch builds Genivi-based infotainment software for Renault-Nissan


    R obert Bosch is developing an infotainment system for Renault and its alliance partner Nissan, using software developed within the Genivi alliance. Genivi, an industry association committed to developing an open-source infotainment standard, said the new automotive software program will supply all Renault and Nissan vehicles. The Renault-Nissan alliance said ...

  • apple carplay.automotiveIT

    ABI Research: 24 million cars with Apple CarPlay in 2019


    Many car brands already offer CarPlay (Photo: Apple) Apple and Google are set to become bigger players in the car, but the auto industry will also adopt open-source systems from other organizations, according to a report by market analysts ABI Research. ABI predicts that by 2019 there will be ...

  • genivi.automotiveIT

    Genivi Alliance joins Web consortium


    The Genivi Alliance has joined a broader Web consortium to accelerate the adoption of open-source technologies in the automotive industry. The alliance, whose goal is to drive the adoption of a Linux-based in-vehicle infotainment platform, brings together more than 175 auto and consumer electronics companies that are keen to speed ...

  • automotiveIT Congress London

    Audi, JLR, Qoros, Genivi executives to speak at automotiveIT International Congress


    With the speaker lineup almost complete, the automotiveIT International Congress is set to cover topics ranging from connected retail and the role of big data analysis to open-source infotainment and other key trends in 21 st century mobility. The latest additions to the program include Maurits Aalberse, director of ...

  • Ford AppLink.automotiveIT

    Ford strengthens commitment to open-source development


    Ford's AppLink connects a smartphone to the car's infotainment (Photo: Ford) Ford Motor will work with the open-source GENIVI alliance to speed up independent app development for its in-car infotainment systems. The news follows an announcement earlier this year that independent app developers would get access to Ford's systems. ...

  • genivi1.automotiveIT

    Genivi All Member Meeting - Paris


    Genivi will hold its annual member meeting at Disneyland outside Paris April 24-27, with more than 500 participants scheduled to attend. The alliance, whose goal is to develop cross-industry software standards for the development of in-vehicle infotainment, groups automakers, automotive suppliers, telematics and mobile phone companies. Speaking at a Telematics ...

  • clarion hmi.automotiveIT

    Wind River, Clarion collaborate on Android-based infotainment


    The system Clarion is developing with Wind River will be GENIVI-compliant (Photo: Clarion) Wind River is working with in-car entertainment systems maker Clarion to develop Android-based automotive infotainment systems. The embedded and mobile software specialist, which is owned by chipmaker Intel, said it is creating a custom Android software platform ...

  • hi corp.automotiveIT

    Japan's HI Corp joins Genivi


    HI Corp aims to improve the automotive HMI with the help of 3D rendering technology (Photo: HI) HI CORPORATION has joined the Genivi alliance, adding another HMI specialist to the development group. The Japanese maker of mobile 3D graphics is joining an expanding group of carmakers and IT solutions providers ...

  • parrot.automotiveit

    Parrot joins GENIVI


    Paris-based Parrot provides automakers with a range of connectivity solutions (Photo: Parrot) Parrot is joining the GENIVI alliance as the global industry association steps up its efforts to establish an open-source development platform for in-vehicle infotainment. Parrot, a provider of multimedia solutions for the car industry, will, in particular, contribute ...