• Jim Hagemann Snabe, Member of the Executive Board of SAP AG

    Interview: SAP boss reaches out to HP


    SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe says the German software maker will remain independent Europe’s biggest software maker, SAP, would like to cooperate more closely with HP. “HP has been a good partner to us for many years and we are open to expanding that cooperation,” ...

  • Article

    Accenture study: IT managers are slow to start SAP consolidation


    Consolidation of SAP software systems can generate sizeable cost savings, but IT managers are slow to act, according to a study by consultants Accenture. Companies often fail to take the necessary steps, the study says, because of the high costs involved, the absence of a budget and resistance from corporate ...

  • cranes in the air

    Up in the air: cloud computing and the auto industry


    Cloud computing is a work in progress in the global auto industry Cloud computing is catching on quickly, but adoption of the new technology in the car industry still faces many hurdles. Most companies see the opportunities for cost savings and improved efficiency resulting from the use of  an ...

  • porsche logo

    Porsche rolls out new CRM system


    Porsche is rolling out a new CRM system worldwide in an effort to improve data and customer management. The new system is based on version 4.0 of SAP’s CRM software. Trillium data-cleansing software from Harte-Hanks also plays a key role in the new system. The German sportscar maker established a ...