Digital Leader Interviews

  • bosch cio.automotiveIT

    Bosch CIO: New office software meets high data-security standard


    Pritsch succeeded Gerd Friedrich as  CIO of Robert Bosch in early 2015 (Photo: Bosch) Robert Bosch is spending 800 million euros on a company-wide upgrade of its office productivity systems. Answering questions put to him by automotiveIT, Elmar Pritsch, who became CIO of the German automotive supplier in ...

  • daimler.automotiveIT

    Interview: Daimler China CIO Marc Lampe discusses CRM


    Greater China CIO Marc Lampe (Photo: Daimler) Marc Lampe moved to Beijing as regional CIO of Daimler’s operations in September of 2013. Before taking charge of the carmaker’s IT operations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, he was responsible for IT in the German company’s vans segment. ...

  • Opel.automotiveIT

    Interview: Opel's Neumann is committed to affordability


    Neumann became CEO of Opel in March, 2014 (Photo: GM) With a new CEO, a revamped strategic plan and a strengthened commitment from parent General Motors, Opel believes it is on the road to a sustained recovery. The European GM brand has for years suffered losses and weak sales, ...

  • gm mott.automotiveIT

    GM CIO Mott is confident IT transformation making progress


    GM CIO Randy Mott spoke at the Hanover automotiveIT Congress in March (Photo: Larry Peplin) More than halfway into a massive three-year project to transform IT at General Motors, Randy Mott is confident he's making progress. The CIO, who joined the largest North American carmaker in February, 2012, cites ...

  • Willi Diez.automotiveIT

    Diez: "Times are getting tougher" for auto industry


    Diez says electric mobility needs to become more fashionable (Photo: Claus Dick) Veteran industry observer Willi Diez said the car market in Germany and Europe won't likely pick up anytime soon. "The times are definitely getting tougher," Diez said in an interview with automotiveIT. The economist, who runs the ...

  • vw hofmann.automotiveIT

    AutomotiveIT Newsletter: An interview with VW CIO Martin Hofmann


    CIO Hofmann wants Volkswagen to have the best IT in the auto industry (Photo: Claus Dick) After a decade working for the Volkswagen Group in various positions, Martin Hofmann became CIO of Europe's largest carmaker a year ago. He took on the position at a time when VW is ...

  • Ford Mascarenas.automotiveIT

    In this month's Executive Newsletter: Ford's Paul Mascarenas


    Paul Mascarenas (Photo: Larry A. Peplin) As chief technology officer, Paul Mascarenas is a key player in Ford Motor's long-term strategic ambitions. Mascarenas, a 30- year veteran of the US based global automotive giant, helps define, research and implement the broad array of new technologies that Ford wants and ...

  • ford john ginder.automotiveIT

    Ford's big data chief helps with "heavy lifting"


    Ford's John Ginder uses new data analysis techniques to help Ford's operations (Photo: Ford) John Ginder, who runs the big-data operations of Ford Motor, sees his role as allowing the carmaker”˜s operating units to solve their problems with the help of IT. "We look for opportunities where organizations don't ...

  • audi ulbrich.automotiveIT

    New CIO, in interview, sees importance of IT growing at Audi


    Mattias Ulbrich became Audi CEO in February, 2012 (Photo: automotiveIT) Mattias Ulbrich has been CIO at Audi AG in Ingolstadt since February 2012. In an interview with automotiveIT, he talks about his current duties as a process integrator, the new era of collaboration with the company”˜s other divisions, and ...

  • sanjay rishi jci-automotiveIT

    Interview: JCI's automotive CIO on course to meet global targets


    Sanjay Rishi is CIO and group vice president, information technology, at Automotive Experience, the biggest division of US-based Johnson Controls. Rishi runs a global IT operation with between 400 and 500 people worldwide, not including a "partner ecosystem" of companies that provide a broad range of IT services to JCI.The ...