Cloud & Edge Computing

  • automotiveday2011

    automotiveDAY - Hanover


    More than 400 people attended the automotiveDAY conference in 2011 (Photo: automotiveIT) The fourth annual automotiveDAY conference will focus on the role of IT in fostering growth in the auto industry. Speakers will focus on a range of topics, including the role of IT in boosting growth in the industry; ...

  • IT CapGemini.automotiveIT

    Business-IT alignment top priority for German IT managers - study


    Business-IT alignment is the top priority for German CIOs when it comes to securing the future of their companies, according to a survey conducted by CapGemini. The consultants, who interviewed IT managers at 156 major German corporations, also found that high on IT managers' agendas was the integration of standard, ...

  • OnStar Advanced Telematics Operating System (ATOMS)

    GM's OnStar, Verizon Wireless show Cloud-enabled vehicle


    The Onstar-Verizon prototype offers a broad range of Cloud-enabled application options (Photo: GM) General Motors' OnStar and Verizon Wireless showed a research vehicle at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that provides users with access to Cloud-based streaming content. The US carmaker's telematics unit has teamed up with Verizon, ...

  • Article

    Study: Despite high expectations, Cloud computing growth is limited


    The global IT community expects a growing range of data and applications to move to the Cloud sooner rather than later. But, according to a German university study, the migration to the Cloud is moving more slowly than many have predicted. Researchers at the SRH University of Applied ...

  • ca technologies.automotiveIT

    Study: Few CEOs have technology leadership background


    Only 4 pc of CEOs at the world's top companies served in a technology leadership role before moving into the top spot, according to a study conducted by CA Technologies. That can slow down the technological changes that are essential for companies to thrive in today's business environment, CA Technologies, ...

  • jamal farhat 2.automotiveIT

    Interview: BorgWarner CIO balances costs and growth


    Jamal Farhat, CIO of BorgWarner, is working on more than 1,000 projects this year, as the U.S. based automotive supplier expands its global business operations. He needs to make sure the group’s engineers have the IT tools they need, that the company’s 17,500 worldwide employees can communicate and share information ...

  • fraunhofer sit omnicloud.automotiveIT

    Fraunhofer develops encryption for data-to-Cloud uploads


    The Fraunhofer Institute wants to address companies’ fears of Cloud computing (Photo: Fraunhofer) Germany's Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology has developed a data encryption solution to make Cloud computing safer. The Institute's OmniCloud software, which runs at a customer's site, encrypts all data before they are sent to the ...

  • sap_logo.automotiveIT

    SAP Automotive Symposium - Mainz


    SAP will host its Automotive Symposium in Mainz, Germany, Nov 16 and 17. The business software maker has drafted a program that focuses on how to speed up development and operations, improve intra-company cooperation, and streamline supply chain management. In addition, the two-day conference will look at the new opportunities ...

  • terry kline-gm1.automotiveIT

    GM CIO in interview: Protecting GM electronically is my top priority


    DETROIT - Whether General Motors or Toyota or, before too long, Volkswagen is the world's biggest automaker is a subject of debate. What's not in dispute is that GM, with 176 plants in 31 countries, 20 engineering centers and more than 200,000 employees worldwide, is a complex, multifaceted global corporation ...

  • ibm cio study 2011

    IBM study: Automotive CIOs put more focus on Cloud


    Automotive CIOs are putting a heavier focus on Cloud computing than their colleaques in other industries, according to an IBM study. The software and IT services group conducted 3,018 interviews with CIOs for its 2011 Global Chief Information Officer Study. Out of the total, 146 were CIOs in the auto ...