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IT and software keep Daimler ahead in China

2019-05-18T13:20:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

The vehicle manufacturer has a dedicated IT organisation in Greater China, led by Stefan Eberhardt, which is focusing on front-end development, improving digital customer experiences and benefiting from the country’s huge tech and startup scene – all of it strategic to Daimler and Mercedes-Benz growth in the world’s largest market.

Automotive Cyber security

Vehicle production: Stay connected, stay safe

2019-05-16T14:48:00+01:00By Nick Holt

Automotive production networks have become far more connected but also more exposed to problems with IT and OT network security and compatibility. Nick Boughton, digital lead at Boulting Technology, explains how manufacturers should be more aware and prepared


Ford chooses AWS for cloud connectivity services

2019-04-29T14:40:00+01:00By Arjen Bongard

Ford Motor has signed a multi-year global agreement with Amazon Web Services to further develop its offering of cloud connectivity services and connected-car applications.

David Paja, president advanced safety, Aptiv

Aptiv safety chief: "We've seen a big adoption curve in safety technology"

2019-04-16T10:07:00+01:00By Arjen Bongard

David Paja, head of advanced safety at Aptiv, talks about IT and technology for safety are spreading across the automotive industry


Daimler CIO: "Data analysis and data management must be a core competency"

2019-04-11T14:24:00+01:00By Hilmar Dunker, Ralf Bretting

Daimler’s global chief information officer, Jan Brecht, spoke to automotiveIT about speed, data, open-source software and other corporate IT priorities.


AGCO harvests more value from IT

2019-04-05T16:02:00+01:00By Christopher Ludwig

Like automotive firms, agricultural equipment maker AGCO is planting the seeds of transformation, implementing a common global IT infrastructure, more digital manufacturing processes and an agile approach to IT service and development.

Smart factory

AWS looks to fast movers in the auto industry

2019-04-02T16:43:00+01:00By Arjen Bongard

AWS vice president Dirk Didascalou talks about could opportunities across the automotive supply chain.

Volkswagen industrial cloud

VW selects Amazon to make production, logistics more efficient

2019-03-29T07:02:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

Volkswagen Group will rely on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to automate manufacturing and logistics processes across its network of 122 plants and more than 30,000 facilities that make up the group’s global supply chain.

Rene Deist, Faurecia 3_web

Faurecia looks to digital services, underpinned by IT and data

2019-03-25T23:44:00+00:00By Christopher Ludwig

Dr. René Deist is leading a transformation of Faurecia’s global IT systems and processes to digitalize the supply chain and develop products faster – as well as to support new business models.


From Fujitsu, a "quantum inspired" architecture for faster computing

2019-03-17T16:20:00+00:00By Werner Beutnagel

Fujitsu CTO for EMEA, Joseph Reger, thinks digital annealing will help companies imitate quantum computing speed across operations


VW Group CIO Martin Hofmann: “There is a will to change”

2019-01-20T14:15:00+00:00By Yannick Polchow, Hilmar Dunker

A massive change in the Volkswagen Group’s IT system landscape is looming. In an interview late last year, Group CIO Martin Hofmann talks about the burden of VW’s technological legacy, cultural change within the company and the opportunities afforded by new technologies. 


10 takeaways from this year’s Las Vegas tech show

2019-01-17T10:49:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

CES in Las Vegas has become the key annual gathering for the global tech industry. Here are the biggest trends evident for the automotive industry.


ZF: “We now have the computing power we need to move at speed”

2019-01-17T08:49:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

ZF’s group CEO, Wolf-Henning Scheide, discussing why IT and technology will be key the supplier’s success.

artificial intelligence.automotiveIT

Will this be the year of artificial intelligence?

2018-12-30T16:47:00+00:00By Daniela Hoffmann

Artificial intelligence will play a crucial role in the transformation of the auto industry in 2019. The reasons: Automakers have to better understand their customers as they forge a more direct relationship. And growing amounts of available data will require the auto industry to adopt more sophisticated analysis tools to ...


OEM and Tier One venture divisions invest in start-ups: BMW for machine intelligence and cybersecurity, Faurecia for cognitive science, Toyota for robotics

2018-12-21T14:12:00+00:00By Farah Alkhalisi

BMW’s i Ventures capital fund, based in Mountain View, California [HQ pictured], is investing in two-year-old machine intelligence company Graphcore, based in Bristol, UK, and with offices in London, Oslo, Palo Alto and Beijing.


Preview: An auto show, a tech show or both in Las Vegas?

2018-12-20T18:27:00+00:00By Arjen Bongard

With the Detroit Auto Show struggling, CES, even more than in recent years, is stepping up its automotive game.


Hyundai MNsoft partners with Netradyne for HD mapping, crowd-sourced deep vision analytics

2018-12-05T19:10:00+00:00By Farah Alkhalisi

Hyundai MNsoft, a subsidiary of the Hyundai Group, is partnering with start-up Netradyne, which focuses on computer vision, deep learning, edge computing and predictive analytics, to develop global HD maps for autonomous vehicles. Hyundai MNsoft currently supplies Hyundai and Kia with embedded navigation and location-based and cloud-based services, including geographic ...


The We generation: Volkswagen has big plans for its digital app ecosystem including retail tie-ups and Function as a Service (FaaS) in near future

2018-11-20T10:38:00+00:00By Paul Fisher

Paul Fisher speaks with Christoph Hohmann, head of customer experience and communication at Volkswagen We, to discuss how digital services will bring new opportunities for OEMs.


Hyundai Cradle invests in for deep learning, autonomous decision-making

2018-11-06T16:16:00+00:00By Farah Alkhalisi

Image: Hyundai’s corporate venture division has made an investment in Israeli technology firm, which specializes in deep learning-based computer vision. It aims to accelerate its deployment of artificial intelligence across various business areas, as well as to use AI to enhance the safety of the driving ...

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Transforming the supply chain for the digital age


The car industry is being shaken up by data and digital processes, but those in the supply chain can gain a competitive edge by getting to grips with the possibilities presented by AI and better data governance. 

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